Things To Do In Madrid | Find The Best Activities For Your Trip In Spain

Things To Do In Madrid | Find The Best Activities For Your Trip In Spain

What to do in Madrid? What should I visit first, in which order should I do it? How to avoid the tourist scam? When you arrive in a big European capital and you don't have a lot of time to visit it. It is always hard to pick between all the activities available and be sure that you choose the best things to do in town. In Madrid, as for any other city in Europe, it is also true. In order to help you winning time when preparing your next trip in Madrid. We have prepared a list of the most important things to do in Madrid. It will help you to discover the city and enjoy your stay in Spain's Capital.

Things To Do In Madrid: The Tips To Enjoy Your Stay

Find below the best activities for a successful trip in Madrid

Museums to visit in Madrid

If you are an art lover, you must go to the Prado Museum when you arrive in Madrid. It is one of the greatest art galleries in the world. There are more than 3 000 paintings including those of Goya, Velázquez, Rubens or Bosch some of the most famous painters of Spain's golden age.

If you prefer Modern Art, we advise you to visit the “Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia”. The museum houses paintings and sculptures from 1939 to today. Including one of Picasso’s most famous paintings, “Guernica”.

If you want to pursue your cultural tour, Madrid has tens of other great museums that you can visit the Royal Palace, Sorolla museum or the National Museum of archeology etc.

Gastronomy in Madrid

For the foodies, I advise you to visit the “Museo del Jamón”. A food chain, that is considered as an institution in Spain. It is part of the country’s heritage. You can buy sandwiches of cheese or ham for 1€ or 2€, add a beer, and it’ll cost around 5€. For more consequent lunches, you can go to Melo’s (44, calle Ave Maria, 28012 Madrid). Melo’s offers the best « croquetas » in Madrid. Croquetas are like fried donuts.

It can be made with Ham, cheese or other ingredients. Madrid is very famous for its croquetas. You can also find very impressive “zapatillas” (massive sandwiches, usually with cheese and ham). They are big enough to satisfy 5 people. For the lovers, go at “Pasadizo San Gines”, the « chocolate con churos » is the traditional breakfast. You can also have a cup of the very traditional hot chocolate with churos. What a great thing to do!

Wandering in Madrid

If you love walking and enjoying the atmosphere of this city, you will love visiting « El Parque del Buen Retiro ». Built in between 1630 to 1640, the 118 acres’ park is located in the heart of Madrid, mixing arranged gardens with wilder parts.

You also have many activities to enjoy as jogging, boat rides, music, street artists and many other things… If you plan to visit Madrid by walk, we recommend you to read our tips to remain connected in Spain. If you want to continue using your phone apps and your GPS on the go, a pocket wif for Spain will probably be the best solution.

Nightlife in Madrid

To start your evening, visit the bar “El Tigre” (“calle de las infantas, 19”). With each drink you order, free tapas are given. You can also enjoy food as the bar is also a restaurant, but you better come in early if you want a spot. For small gigs amateurs, go to “Populart”, a bar in “calle huertas”.

There are a lot of free Jazz or Blues concerts. Cheap drinks with a warm and cozy atmosphere, you’ll be right at home. You can also go Malasaña district, in North of Grand Via, there are a lot of bars who are open until 3 am or 7 am.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please don't hesitate to share your best tips to visit Madrid.

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