Things to do in London : Find the best activities to enjoy during your stay

Things to do in London : Find the best activities to enjoy during your stay

It is not always easy to organise a the planning to visit a new city. Specifically for a short term trip in a big city like London. You can find plenty of different proposition online, it is a pain to read them all and make your choice. And worst, if you didn't plan anything before your arrival in London. Then you can end up loosing a lot of time trying to fine some the best things to do in London. We picked here our prefered selection of the Things to do in London. We hope it will help you find your own way into this great city! Don't hesitate to share with us your best things to do in London. Find to look up restaurants and things to do. London is a fascinating city that has many facets. Let us make you discover a few.

Things to do in London: Royal city

The English capital is also one of the places of royal residence. The English are very attached to their monarch and then go to Buckingham Palace to understand the link between the Queen and the British. The palace is not open all year, only between August and September. But, in this last place you can witness every day the changing of guard at 11:30 am. You should also visit the Tower of London. It was the former royal prison, which now houses the jewels in the crown. You will also discover more than 90 years of history. For finish you can go to the Westminster Abbey. This is the scene of royal coronations for over a millennium, but the abbey was also the site of a state funeral

Art in London

If you like art, you will find many place that will please you. Our first tip is to go to the National Gallery. This museum has a huge collection of paintings of Western Europe from 13th to 19th century. You will find especially painting of Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable, Renoir, Titian and Stubbs. The museum is free but some you must paid for some temporary exhibition. We advise to you, to go to the British Museum. You will find in this museum the Rosetta Stone, sculptures from the Parthenon and mummies of ancient Egypt. For finish you can go to the Tate Museum. Built in a former power station, this museum open in May 2000. It hots lot of exposition (Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Paul McCarthy, René Magritte, Fernand Léger)

The recreative museum in London

If you like the panoramic view, go to the Coca-Cola London Eye. This is the highest observation tower in the world, with 32 cabins, accommodating up to 25 people. In 30 minutes, you make a tour and you can observe 55 Top tourist attractions in London.
In the Science Museum, you can live again and discover the biggest scientific advances of the last 300 years. Everything is explained for everyone to understand the different experiences.

You can also go to the Natural History Museum. You can observe a collection of the biggest, the largest and rarest animals in the world.

Things to do in London: go out

Every weekend, in the afternoon or in the evening you can go to football or rugby stadium. The English capital has lot of club (Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham, West Ham for football, Saracens, London Irish and Harlequins for rugby). You can enjoy the ambiance found only in English stadiums. The fans sing to the glory of their club and players.

To go out at night, you find lot of pub and club in the city. Camden town is more suited to the atmosphere rock and jazz. If you prefer funk atmospheres, hip hop, drum'n'bass we advise you to go Brixton. Finally Soho is a district where you will find more intimate clubs.

One last advice that we often give: it is always easier to enjoy the best activities and things to do in a city like London if you can be connected and use your usuak digital tools. Being able to check your GPS, check the review of a restaurant before going, find and explanation on something you are wondering. Using pocket wifi for United Kingdom, can be a great solution to remain connected during your stay and not loose time hunting for a Wifi connection. It can help you to discover the city with the comfort of getting all the information you need instantly. If you want to know more about all the connectivity solution that exist in London, you can also read our article best wifi solutions for the United Kingdom.

We hope you will enjoy your stay, and our Things to do in London help you.

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