Best things to do in Barcelona - tips and activities to for a successful stay in Spain

Best things to do in Barcelona - tips and activities to for a successful stay in Spain

Barcelona is one of the greatest European cities. Well know for its nightlife and its great weather for a European city. For a short stay with friends we definetely recommmend Barcelona. If you follow our advice are planning and want to plan your next trip in Spain, please find below the best things to do in Barcelona that we have picked for you.

Best things to do in Barcelona for your next trip

We have selected the must do for a short stay in Barcelona:

La Sagrada Familia: a must do in Barcelona!

It is one of the symbols of Barcelona. Known to be the unfinished work of the architect Antoni Gaudi, it is the monument the most visited in Spain. La Sagrada Familia was declared world heritage by the UNESCO in 2005. We cannot visit Barcelona without seeing Sagrada Familia. This basilica was consecrated by pope Benoît XVI on November 7th, 2010. The works began in Barcelona from 1882.

Park Güell

Built between 1900 and 1914. Park Güell is an other achievement of the architect Gaudi in Barcelona. It is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage too. Originally, it had to be a residential area loaded. But the construction cost increases and only three houses were completed on the seventeen planned. The park has an area of 17 hectares. It is up to the city of Barcelona since 1923.


Camp Nou, soul of Barcelona

Barcelona radiates throughout Europe and the world through one of its football teams, FC Barcelona. This team plays in the Camp Nou. With its capacity of 99,354 seats, it is the biggest stadium in Europe and the twelfth in the world. If you can’t attend a game, you can still visit the stadium every day. The club even opened a museum that traces its history and that of other sports teams of FC Barcelona.

Picasso Museum

The Picasso museum is located in the Born district. It is dedicated to one of the greatest Spanish artists who lived in this city. You will find more than 4,000 artworks (painting, sculpture, engravings…) created by Pablo Picasso. These works of art were essentially achieved in his debut. You can especially admire Science and Charity (1897) and Harlequin (1917).

La Rambla

This avenue consists of a central pedestrian street bordered by two roads. It stretches from Plaza Catalunya to the Columbus statue on the seafront (over about 1.2 km long and 35 m wide). La Rambla is very busy day and night. You will find many bars, restaurants, shops of all kinds and street vendors.

Montjuïc Castle the favorite of our things to do in Barcelona

Montjuïc castle overlooks the city of Barcelona from the hill of the same name. It has been transformed into a military museum after the end of the Spanish Civil War. The castle is about to be transformed into an international center for peace.

Mount Tibidabo

This is the highest peak of the Serra de Collserola (512 meters), which dominates Barcelona. Several monuments were built there : a church, a tower for telecommunications and an amusement park. We advise you to make a turn in this park. Some amusement rides date back to the early twentieth centuries.

For a complete experience in Barcelona

Of course these are only a few activities out of the dozens of things that you need to see if you plan to stay longer in Barcelona. If you have time, we definetly recommend you to enjoy the beach and Barcelona nightlife. You will easily find great bars and club near to Las Ramblas district or the Gothic quarter.
Barcelona is also a famous for the food experience. You can enjoy great seafood and tapas in Barcelona. Around Las Ramblas area, you will easily find a good restaurant.

If you want to optimize your time and Barcelona, and even enjoy more, we can recommanded you to read our article mobile internet in Spain. Getting a reliable internet access anytime will help you avoid the tourist trap. Of course a big city like Barcelona offers great plans and bad plans. If you want to get a constant access access to internet for a full connected trip, we recommend you the pocket wifi for Spain.

We hope you will enjoy your stay, and feel free to share your best things to do in Barcelona! If you want to continue your trip in Spain, read also our things to do in Madrid.





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