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Portable Wifi Portugal: remain connected during your journey

Portable WiFi Portugal (also known as Pocket WiFi rental) is the best travel solution to always get an access to WiFi everywhere during your trip in Portugal.

Portable WiFi Portugal : one of the best solutions for travelers.

Even if it’s not yet well known by everyone, the connected travelers always  travel with their pocket WiFi.  It is the best solution to any avoid data roaming in Portugal. A Portable WiFi provides a constant WiFi access everywhere in Portugal. It will allow you to avoid all the last minutes call or webpage check with call that may cost you a lot in voice Roaming or data roaming.

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Free WiFi Paris : A good but flawed solution to stay connected in the French capital

Every day, we rely a little bit more on the Internet and our connected devices. It's even more important when you're traveling abroad, because of the lack of orientation in an unknown country. The internet can guide you to get around, discover the best sightseeing opportunities or explore the best local coffee shops & restaurant! That's why if you want to visit Paris in good conditions, you need a fast and reliable connection to the internet.

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How to get WiFi in Italy? 4 ways how travelers get Internet

[This article has been updated on the 17th April 2018]

How to remain connected is not always a question easy to answer during your trip abroad. Especially during a trip to Italy. Travel WiFi Italy: We explore the best travel solution to always remain connected with WiFi and internet in Italy.

Travel WiFi Italy: What is the best solution for Travelers

Pocket WiFi's are not well known in Italy, however, the connected travelers always travel with it. Portable WiFi is the best solution to avoid any data roaming in Italy.

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Mobile WiFi Spain – 4 tips to remain connected anytime

[This article has been updated on the 15th April 2018]

Mobile WiFi rental in Spain is the best travel WiFi solution to remain connected to the internet all the time!

Rent a Mobile WiFi Spain: what are the advantages?

What kind of person are you? You meticulously plan your whole trip in advance? Or are you rather that kind of person letting it go and see what happens? Both types can have advantages and drawbacks. However, especially in times of total connectivity, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social media platforms, being clear on how to stay online while abroad can save you annoying headaches and money.

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Mobile WiFi France – The 5 Best Internet Travel Solutions

[This article has been updated on the 17th April 2018]

Portable WiFi rental in France is the best travel solution to always remain connected to WiFi and internet.

Mobile WiFi in France is a great solution for travelers

The mobile WiFi solution is not yet known by all travelers, but the connected traveler never flies abroad without a portable WiFi. It is the best solution to avoid data roaming in France.

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Mifi, Pocket WiFi 4G+ to Get Online During a Trip to Europe

This is a picture of a pocket wifi hotspot from My Webspot

MY-WEBSPOT.COM has been elected best Pocket Wifi/Mifi 4G+ solution for travelers visiting Europe!

MY-WEBSPOT.COM ; our Pocket WiFi in Europe has been reviewed by PC Mag during the month September. As explained by PC MAG, Pocket Wifi also known as Mifi or Mobile Hotspot is the best solution to stay connected during travels abroad and avoid data roaming charges. Mobile Wifi rental allows travelers to fully control their budget and being comfortable with an unlimited plan without any additional or hidden fees.

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Travel Tips – 6 Ways to use less Data abroad


Travel Tip to use less data when traveling abroad

Using your phone abroad can be very expensive because of data roaming fees

MY WEBSPOT is the perfect alternative between spending a lot of money and only seeking for a sparce number of free wifi hotspots. But we also provide you with a few number of tips to consume less data when using your phone. Enjoy!

Consume less data: Find below the best tips

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