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Best Pocket WiFi for France – How And What To Look For?

You are planning a trip to France and you want to remain connected during your stay. It starts to be well known that pocket Wifi is a great solution for international travelers. In France, a Portable Wifi will allow you to remain connected to Wifi anywhere and anytime during a trip.

It also allows you to avoid data roaming fees which can be a pain. While traveling people are not used to check their phone bill constantly and they do not expect data roaming to be so expensive. But after a stay abroad you can easily undergo a bill shock when coming back home.

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How to stay connected and get WiFi in Europe?

One of the most common problems travelers are facing when traveling abroad is "How can I stay connected to the internet during my trip?". It is now easier and cheaper to get wifi in Europe and abroad than it used to be. You just need to know your options.

Nowadays, every traveler needs his smartphone/tablet/laptop. Getting the internet abroad is a top priority. For some users, it will be for staying in touch with family. For others, it will be to kill time during long transfers browsing Facebook or use maps if you get lost.

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Mifi, Pocket WiFi 4G+ to Get Online During a Trip to Europe

This is a picture of a pocket wifi hotspot from My Webspot

MY-WEBSPOT.COM has been elected best Pocket Wifi/Mifi 4G+ solution for travelers visiting Europe!

MY-WEBSPOT.COM ; our Pocket WiFi in Europe has been reviewed by PC Mag during the month September. As explained by PC MAG, Pocket Wifi also known as Mifi or Mobile Hotspot is the best solution to stay connected during travels abroad and avoid data roaming charges. Mobile Wifi rental allows travelers to fully control their budget and being comfortable with an unlimited plan without any additional or hidden fees.

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The connected traveler in Paris – The Secret of effectiveness

The secret of a Connected traveler in Paris. Find out how to save time and money when you travel in Paris.

Travel in Paris: Find out how to improve your experience

When traveling overseas, the key to a successful holiday, as with everything in life, is preparation and time management. Find out about our key to enhance your travel experience in Paris.

But don’t get me wrong. When I say preparation, it doesn’t mean you have to be a control freak. That would be hopeless and a bit frustrating as you can’t control everything anyway. When traveling overseas for the first time and Especially in Paris, in a country where you don’t understand the language, it can be [...]

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Connected travelers – Their Impact on Tourism


 Connected travelers - How they organize their trip!

A recent study conducted by Expedia/Comscore highlighted that mobile phone usage has more and more impact on the way tourism industry works. Smartphones apps and usage online are more and more involved during all phases relative to travel and tourism. Whatever it be the preparation of the trip, the use during the trip itself, and sharing the experience when coming back home. The study shows that people now use their smartphone in all phasis of the travel preparation: for preparing, researching and paying the tourism services.

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Pocket Wifi from My Webspot is launched – No more Data roaming

You can now book online a Pocket WiFi through MY WEBSPOT and get mobile internet everywhere in France.

My Webspot is proud to announce the launch of its Pocket Wifi covering all European countries. A pocket wifi also kown as a Mifi or Mobile hotspot will provide you unlimited internet all over Europe at the fastest speed available.

Pocket Wifi and Mifi for Europe

What is a Pocket WiFi

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