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What Is Net Neutrality – Everything You Need To Know

web neutrality

These days, you can easily connect to the internet, entering Netflix and watch Pulp Fiction in the same way as you can have a video call with mom on Skype. Thanks to net neutrality, you don’t pay extra for those activities which require high-speed data.

If net neutrality did not exist, you would have to pay more to see a movie online than for using Wikipedia (or vice versa)

Currently, there is a debate in the world arena about the convenience of keeping such neutrality. There are many interests at stake. So what is net neutrality?

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The Top 10 Myths About The Internet

myth internet

Beyond Hercules pillars, a beautiful, fertile and prosperous country was destroyed in a single day and a catastrophic night. That country was Atlantis. True or fake news? Who knows?

Myths are a part of who we are, how we relate to our history and how we find explanations for the things we don’t know yet. Our favorite space, the internet is full of myths and we are going to describe the top 10 of them for you.  

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