Self-entrepreneurship: The right reasons to start.

Self-entrepreneurship: The right reasons to start.

(No, it's not as boring as its name suggests)

Who has never dreamed of not depending on anyone, of not having to suffer the subordination of any superior, of being, in all and for all, his own boss? Fantasmagoric, isn't it? Administrative, share capital, declarations, business plan, isn't that for you? Then you have all the qualities required to become a self-employed entrepreneur: you like simplicity, you are autonomous, and you want to start a professional career totally in your image, at the head of your own project.

Self-entrepreneurship: How to become self-controlled?

You are not familiar with this term, we know, and understanding its meaning seems to cause headaches. 5 doliprans later, you think you will be able to understand the first paragraph (at least). Don't get me wrong, for the first time, the economic jurisdiction offers us a status that is easy to access and offered to everyone. Indeed, an EY study published in 2013 demonstrated this: "it only takes 5 administrative procedures and 7 days in France to set up a business compared to 7.6 procedures and 22 days for the other G20 countries", at a cost representing only 0.9% of the applicant's average annual income. The only necessary condition? Ambition. We have challenged ourselves to summarize its process in 5 points:


- A simplified declaration formality to become a Sole Proprietorship under your own name

- A website created just for you: l'

- 2 or 3 statements to make (nothing bad)

- A maximum turnover imposed, (but for the most ambitious, nothing prevents you from reaching it) beyond which you access the different legal status.

- An identification number (Siret) and a code qualifying your activity (APE) NOTHING FOR YOU

Now, 2 conditions are available to you. Either you are not convinced (but then you wonder why you clicked on the link), or you are ready to start a new life in the big league, where you are definitely in control of yourself. In a more autonomous economy towards a more liberal future, all that is needed now is an idea and a little motivation to dare to start. Dare, it's good for your health. Do like the members of My Webspot, embark on an adventure totally in your own image: leave your own mark!

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