Discover how Puebla can give you the perfect piece on your next trip to Mexico

Discover how Puebla can give you the perfect piece on your next trip to Mexico

Imagine that you close your eyes (Imagine! If you close them you cannot read me!) You are with your special person exploring a mysterious and immense grotto. Water to the knees, big rocks, anticipation, flashlights, saturated adrenaline in your body. Your hand is squeeze, accelerated breathing, turn off the flashlights. The thick darkness surrounds you and just when you think a vile Dementor is going to suck your joy, suddenly ... you see stars ... in a cave. Your beautiful eyes light up, your heart beats even faster because of the splendor that is drowning you. You smile when you admire the face of your love. Well, is the effect of low light on minerals in rocks. They are not stars, but you definitely feel in heaven. That can easily be achieved if you venture to visit the wonderful Mexican state of Puebla.

Among magical caves, fierce volcanoes, immense pyramids, delicious ciders and an enigmatic black charro, Puebla is a great destination for all travelers. So keep your eyes open so you can see all the places you should visit, and know why the poblans are called pipopes.


Mexico is full of archaeological sites and in Puebla there is the pyramid with the largest basement in the world. It is called Cholula or Tlachihualtépetl which means handmade and the Toltecs made it.

The Mural of The Drinkers contains 110 figures allegedly drinking hallucinogenic substances, representing the contact between gods and mortals. In fact it impresses the alive colors and forms. The pyramid has four miles of underground tunnels of which only two kilometers are open to the public. It is said to be a rather intricate labyrinth that was used for secret ceremonies.

Let the majesty of the Temples wrinkles your heart

The Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary is the most beautiful you can find of the baroque art novo Hispanic. Stucco coated tiles covered with gold, onyx and any precious element is inside and outside this exquisite chapel. Prepare to be blinded for a few seconds by admiring this luminous religious treasure. Its dome is majestically designed. It represents the Divine Grace wisdom, counsel, understanding, fear of God, science, strength and piety, as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You can also visit the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. You will find the magnificent sculpture of the Virgin with an incredible height of 12 meters. It has a gold crown and precious stones. It is not only imposing, but also overwhelming beauty. Sublime!

Be wild like nature

You love nature and outdoors, you can start by visiting the Botanical Garden Helia Bravo Hollis. It has many species of cactus that are in danger of extinction. Here you will learn how the plants of the desert survive the drought. In addition you will know the medicinal uses that the aboriginals had of the plants.

You can also visit the Alchichica Lagoon. It has salty, cold waters and depths that reach 700 ft. The magic of this lagoon is color of the water varies according to the seasons, changing from turquoise to black. His bed was a volcanic crater and is said to have a connection to the ocean. Many people have said aborigines made sacrifices there. Others say that there is a cavern of which, where the lights come out.

When they are seen, deafening sounds like bees are heard and UFOs are seen diving into the sea. You can also know the reminiscence of a volcano called Cuexcomate, which is the smallest in the world. There they threw the corpses of suicides in ancient times because they did not deserve a "sacred burial". Of course, do not forget to go to that magical starry cave that you originally imagined at the beginning of this reading, known as Karmida Caves.

Art doses for your artistic veins

Nothing is more important to you than to admire beauty, passion and reality in art. In Puebla you cannot forget to visit the Casa del Alfeñique in a Churrigueresque style. Its name comes from the fact that its façade emulates the sweetness of alfeñique (a Mexican candy). Legends said a beautiful woman decided she could only marry someone who can built for her a sugar house. Sugar house for a sugar daddy in a sugar love nest. 

The Temple of the Holy Spirit or Templo de la Compañía deserves to be explored. It is a stupendous and majestic Baroque structure. It is the pride and joy of all poblano. Here lie the remains of the mystic Catarina de San Juan. She was a slave girl brought from India to Puebla that despite being forced to marry, she retained her virginity. In her old age she dedicated herself to a monastery. She inspired the typical poblano dress known as China Poblana. Of equal importance is to know the first library in Latin America called Palafoxiana. It is located in the Angeleopolis or financial zone.

You cannot leave Puebla without knowing the Museum of Clocks and Automatonsby Alberto Olvera Hernández. Here are exhibited an abundant replica of clocks. The main spectacle is the Automatons on the weekends. Replicating a cuckoo clock with music and typical costumes, seven Automatons dance to represent the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Yucatan, Chiapas and Sinaloa. It is so touching. 

You must visit also the craft workshops and buy an authentic talavera pottery. In the Angeleopolis you will find the talavera. It is a ceramic style on earthenware, decorated with lead enamel of different colors. The cobalt blue specially stands out among yellow, green, orange, black and violet. It is an excellent souvenir

Touching your palate

If the pipopes are proud of something, it is one of their gastronomy, in fact one of the best in the world. Ant eggs or escamoles are quite consumed in Puebla. In the same way, they use the exquisite huauzontle herb that fits perfectly with the tomato soup.

Maguey worms, for the more adventurous, are usually eaten with guacamole and tortillas. For vegans, try the mushrooms called huitlacoches. Thery grow in the corn and although its appearance is strange, its flavor is exquisite. Chili in nogada, is a very prominent dish in Puebla. The chili is stuffed with fruit and served with walnut cream, parsley and pomegranate. Like the colors of the beautiful Mexican flag. It is definitely a delicacy of the gods. For confectioners look for the famous puff pastries that are delicious with different delicious fillings. Ask for them with chocolate. If it's about drinks, the cider populates stand out. Handcrafted and made with delicious apples, this intoxicating and delicious drink is typically consumed at Christmas.

Get your gadgets

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When at last you arrive at the enigmatic Puebla, you must take care of the somber black charro. He rides his horse just looking for some talk and company. If you agree to ride on his dark steed, you will disappear forever. If you listen children playing at night in Xonaca, do not be scared. It is surely the statues of the Fountain of the Dolls that come alive from time to time. And you shall know pipopes means Perfect Poblana Piece.

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