Prepaid Internet Italy: Best solution to remain connected

Prepaid Internet Italy: Best solution to remain connected

In Italy, Internet access is guaranteed in the most important cities. Many of us have already used free WiFi in Cybercafes, hotels or places with a lot of people. In large cities, you can find free WiFi access in many places. But access to the internet in these places is still very limited. Updating web pages, loading files or sharing information can take a considerable time.

Now that people are used to the very fast internet, it causes a lot of anxiety and concern to travelers. They generally expect the downloads and file updates to be faster than it actually is. Due to the high costs paid by users to have good access to the Internet, Italy currently occupies the 22nd position according to the Ranking of the European Community of Nations.

One of the biggest concerns of users and travelers regarding prepaid internet Italy is the risk of piracy and being hacked. Exchange of information, downloads generate a great flow of data and thousands of users are using the prepaid internet in Italy every day. So this is a big opportunity for hackers who use these internet access points to steal data. This security aspect that must be taken into account when searching for a prepaid Internet Italy service.

Prepaid internet Italy: What are the best solutions?

Taking into account all the factors that can affect you connect to the internet in Italy, we have kept 3 mains possibilities:

Mobile network operators roaming in Italy

Many companies in Italy have been offering mobile and internet services for a long time. The most known are companies like Vodafone, Tim, Three and Wind. Of this group of companies operating a mobile network in Italy, Tim continues to be one of the most important.

Tim is the most important provider of fixed telephony services thanks to its large coverage. Vodafone is considered the second by its great coverage and its presence in many other European countries.

Three also operates in Italy and is one of the most recent in the mobile phone service. It has gradually become very popular among the residents thanks to its cheap price. And finally closing this group of the four largest MNos: Wind.

Wind has less coverage, but still offers a very good service at a reasonable price. It is an option to consider in the use of Internet prepaid in Italy. For users of 3G and 4G networks via roaming data, it facilitates the permanent use of internet in Italy.

But from a financial point of view, it is a very expensive option. When activated in roaming, the cost for internet browsing is way above the regular price for domestic usage.

When treading foreign soil, the enthusiastic traveler will receive by text messages, the consumption plan & prices. It generally ends up with a very high bill at the end of his stay.

Prepaid Sim Card in Italy: A Good Solution For Temporary Usage

Another prepaid internet Italy options most used by travelers for is been prepaid Sim Cards. With the rise of Smartphones, the mobile network companies decided to launch their campaigns for more attractive prepaid Sim offers. Best prepaid Sim for Italy or Europe now offers very good data package (ie: 10 GB for 15 days).

One of the best prepaid internet options in Italy and the rest of Europe is without a doubt the Sim Card. It is very widespread in Italy, and the prices are very reasonable. Prepaid Sim Cards
in Italy guarantee a secured Internet connection. But sometimes many of them cannot fully cover the country. Although they compete on prices you have to compare the network quality.

One other thing is, when purchasing a prepaid Sim, you have to be sure that your mobile phone is compatible. Now main phones are compatible with the bandwidths available in Italy, but if you want to avoid any surprise when you arrive, you should check the compatibility before you arrive.

If you are traveling to Europe or Italy specifically, one of the most viable options to find a good of prepaid Sim card for Italy is It is a marketplace of international Sim cards for travelers worldwide. You can enjoy the best prices for internet, calls, and text in Italy without roaming charges.

The Sim cards are prepaid, so you can use them without any additional charges. Calls, messages and Internet connections, the Sim Cards work on any unlocked phone, but even if your mobile is blocked, contact your mobile network operator before your trip to Italy to unlock it.

Pocket WiFi in Italy: the best internet only solution for Italy

One of the best prepaid Internet Italy options is the rental of a Pocket WiFi. It is perfect to stay connected as long as you want. In Italy, the access to the portable WiFi is very reliable with broadband and unlimited use. The rental of "portable or Pocket WiFi" today represents the safest, most attractive and cost-effective solution. Also, it has great advantages thanks to its easy-to-carry and ultra-slim design. It is very practical for its transportation and manipulation.

MY WEBSPOT has become one of the preferred networks of recent times in Europe. It allows users to walk hand in hand with the advances of technology. In addition, My Webspot Pocket WiFi for Italy can connect to several mobile networks in order to ensure perfect coverage wherever you go. This is why pocket WiFi's are one of the best prepaid internet Italy solution.

Pocket WiFi for Italy provides unlimited Internet consumption, with a coverage of around 15 meters. You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously like Smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can stay connected with an offers starting at € 6.40/ day, with a reasonable use of your package.

Be careful, when picking your offer. In Italy, not all providers give you access to the 4G LTE connection. My Webspot rents mobile access points so you can have unlimited Internet access at a fixed price. The data plan can be used when you want for the entire period.

The Pocket WiFi is easy to retrieve, use and return (you can send it back from everywhere with a prepaid envelope). The pocket-sized device guarantees you a WiFi connection with optimum coverage, with the most important providers in Italy. You will get a strong and stable signal and the best Internet solution in Italy.


*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.