Mobile WiFi Switzerland : the perks of staying connected abroad

Mobile WiFi Switzerland : the perks of staying connected abroad

What would we be without Internet? We use it for all and everything, nowadays. That's why more and more travellers look for ways to stay connected during their trips. Indeed, with the loss of landmarks, you need to search things on the internet more than ever. Here, we have a list of the best options you can use to stay connected, like the mobile WiFi Switzerland.

Mobile WiFi Switzerland: the best option to stay connected

The Pocket WiFi for Switzerland is a small device that you can carry around to get an easy access to high speed internet on the go. You can connect up to 10 devices to a private WiFi broadcasted by the pocket router. My Webspot's Mobile WiFi Switzerland gives you access to 4G LTE where it is available. All the major Swiss cities are now covered with 4G, but you may connect on a slower network in some places in the countryside.

Travel WiFi for Switzerland offers great data packages for a small price, making it a great solution for travelers. Also, My Webspot works with top-level providers in the Switzerland, in order to get you the best coverage available in the country.

Free Wifi Switzerland

Some travellers will prefer Free WiFi, because it's the cheapest solution on paper, but it can be trap. First of all, free WiFi in Switzerland is available only in certain areas, which means that you can't rely on it. Also, a lot of so-called "free" WiFi hotspots belong to cafés or restaurants, and you'll have to order to get the login info.

Public WiFi hotspots are even worse in some cases. The connection is unstable, or at its best very slow. Moreover, these networks aren't secure, and some travelers get hacked on a daily basis, especially in train stations and airports.

Prepaid sim cards for Switzerland

Prepaid SIM Cards are a good way to stay connected, as some packages are really interesting for their prices. Unfortunately, some stores will ask you for a Swiss ID or a postal address in Switzerland in order to sell you one.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to find some Prepaid SIM card for Switzerland online. Don't expect a broadband speed higher than the Mobile WiFi Switzerland, though. Also, if your phone isn't a dual SIM phone, you'll have to take your everyday SIM card out. This means that you won't be reachable at your usual number during your trip.

Data Roaming in Switzerland

Data Roaming is the worst choice you can make to stay connected. If you take the risk, you will end up with a huge bill, as some providers charge you up to 5000$ per GB. Avoid using it if possible.

Stay connected abroad thanks to the Mobile WiFi Switzerland

When you're in a foreign country, you need the help of the Internet more than ever. Find a restaurant or a hotel, use the GPS to find you way, or translate things using automatic translation apps: the uses of Internet are much more frequent abroad. That's why we recommend the use of the Mobile WiFi Switzerland for your trips. Its high speed connection guarantees than you won't lose time when it matters, and you can enjoy this connection on the go, unlike the Free WiFI.

Moreover, the Mobile WiFi Switzerland allows you to connect up to 10 devices and broadcasts a private network, so you don't have to worry about getting hacked. You also don't have to worry for the paperwork, unlike for the Prepaid SIM Cards. Just press a button, and you're ready to browse the Internet. Make your holidays easier with the help of My Webspot.



*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.