Belgium Mobile Internet : Four tips to stay connected at any time

Belgium Mobile Internet : Four tips to stay connected at any time

My Webspot proposes a list of the 4 most widespread solutions to stay connected during your holidays in Belgium: discover the Belgian Mobile Internet.

Four tips to stay connected at any time: discover the Belgian Mobile Internet

Free Wifi navigation in Belgium

In the European Union free internet coverage is guaranteed in the most populated cities, in Belgium, for example. In Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, access points are still the popular Internet cafés as well as hotels and places of mass attendance. However, their access tends to be limited, the updating of the pages is slow and does not ensure the sending or downloading of files.

On the other hand, the flow of incoming and outgoing information, the massive exchange of data and the relationship with a large number of unknown users considerably increases the risks of computer piracy, putting at high risk the security of your personal information; which makes it unsafe to stay connected on this public wifi network, especially at airports and major landing stages, for fear of being the victim of an attack by hackers or network pirates.

The other problem with free wifi in Belgium is that it is difficult to find maps to locate access points in different cities. If we are talking about quality of service, it has to do with speed. For frequent travellers who travel within Belgium in business operations, the public network causes them many inconveniences due to the dynamic nature of their activities and how slow the network tends to be in remote areas.

Date Itinerant Services in Belgium

The current rates for data roaming services are so high that they can reach up to 15 Euros/MB, averaging 100/MB of data consumption per day and bills can be considerable (1500 Euros/day).

The use of the 3G or 4G network via roaming data not only allows you to use the local internet permanently, but also represents the most expensive option in our passage through Belgium. When you decide to use this service, you have to pay a much higher rate than in your country of residence.

It is very likely that this is the service that gives you the most limitations and headaches when you are in a country other than your own. The prices for the use of data roaming services are very important and the bills can be considerably high, because additionally you are reflected certain expenses that you do not know and that in the area of these services are called additional costs or hidden charges, so, your mobile bill might surprise you unpleasantly when you return from vacation.

Prepaid SIM card, an option in Belgium

The diffusion of these prepaid cards in Belgium has increased as in other European countries, being one of the options used by travelers to be able to connect to the Internet during their stay in this country. Most operators, in order to attract more users, offer more affordable prices, with fixed prices per month with limited connections, as the current offer is above 20 Euros.

When you purchase a prepaid card of this type, you are assigned a new provisional telephone number for the duration of your stay, so you will no longer have access through your personal data. Another disadvantage is that with this new prepaid sim card, you stay in a connection restriction imposed of course by its new temporary operator, because the more connected you are the higher your payment will be for the consumption of your card.

Mobile Internet Belgium

Renting a pocket or laptop wifi in Belgium is the best way to stay connected throughout your stay. In Belgium we have the most important local providers of mobile network, Proximus, Mobistar and Base, to guarantee the best coverage and quality of the network, being able to go from one network to another, maintaining a good signal.

My Webspot represents the most attractive solution in terms of quality and price, with a very modest design, can be transported in the most practical way, carrying it in a pocket of your shirt or handbag. Its use allows you to be under a very successful network.

Thanks to this proposal of My Webspot, you can consume unlimited Internet, connect 15m distance around and simultaneously support up to 10 devices such as: Smartphone, tablets, computers and laptops, having access from these devices to all applications. You will be able to receive and send emails, view orientation maps and access applications to find services. When you're under 4G-LTE coverage, download speed can reach 100 Mbps, and upload speed about 40 Mbps. My Webspot proposes an offer around 6.40 Euros /day, with an unlimited 4G LTE connection for people located in Belgium. Thus, they can follow their pleasure or business trip in real time, allowing you a reasonable use of your data package.

Not all providers offer the 4G LTE with good data. That's why our pocket wifi will provide you with optimal coverage, in order to provide the best portable wifi service in Europe. On the other hand, network providers and travel agencies have their support locally. This means that travellers access only local prices, and suppliers negotiate from abroad, so the prices are not really the ones they offer. That's why My Webspot is the best wifi support in Belgium.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.