Party in Mexico City: between the ambrosia and the pachanga

Party in Mexico City: between the ambrosia and the pachanga

Chela, chupe and pachanga. If you like to drink, eat and party, you must know the meaning of those words. So keep reading. Ambrosía is the food and drink of the gods and mortals have ours too. The problem is all the ambrosia is in Mexico. As well as the best parties. Then it is your duty as every good hedonist, to go to Mexico City to check it out.

This magical land has risen from the bloodiest of invasions, of the most devastating earthquakes and proudly displays its brave caste. Beyond its magnificent structures and invaluable resources, Mexico is a destination to please the palate and the rest of the body. So read these lines well to know where you will use your senses when you visit the famous D.F.

A lacustrine banquet for the god in you

Something beautiful about D. F is there are millions of places to please your pocket and palate. So many that you will not know where to go, but be quiet; here we leave you a small compass.

You can start your gastronomic route in the historic Xochimilco or (means sowing of flowers). In this delegation of Mexico City there are many chinampas. It is a method of agriculture consisting of cultivating flowers and vegetables in rafts covered with earth. Really ingenious! You have to make the tour in the ornamental trajineras or boats through the lake of Xochimilco. This way you can observe the chinampas and imagine what the trading system was like in pre-Columbian times.

The tour takes two hours. You will find salesmen in canoes with all kinds of delicacies. The tacos, the pumpkin flower quesadillas and the enchiladas are delicious. You will also listen to the mariachis and other musical genres such as marimba, salterio and norteña. So you can take advantage of dedicating a song to your special person. They will also offer you various souvenirs and one that is actually beautiful is the Maria rag doll. Its name comes from the fact that they were made and sold by women from the Mazahua tribe that people started to call María.


Walker: go eat, go drink and nothing else matters

Every food lover knows that the markets are essential places to get to know the typical gastronomy of the city. In addition you guarantee the freshness of the food. You can also buy spices, typical fruits and in addition it is more economical.

The San Juan Market offers an extensive variety of merchandise. All kinds of meats (even live scorpions) all kinds of vegetables and all kinds of fruits are sold here. Take the opportunity to try exotic fruits such as carambola, passion fruit, lychee and persimmon. In the same way you will find all kinds of dairy products from all over the world.

Go to the Coyoacán Market. It offers you the best culinary merchandise, and stands out for its antojitos. It is a kind of street food based on corn, fat and a lot of chili. Likewise, the corrida meal is served, which is a quick and cheap homemade style lunch. You will also find a variety of fresh fruit juices as well as handicrafts, clothes, footwear and others. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera used to buy here.


God has created the food and the devil, the salt and the sauces

Certainly the dishes well seasoned with succulent sauces, are exquisite. Mexico City is not for diets because here calories do not exist. If you are one of those who like large sizes and street food, you should try the famous Machetes de Amparito in the Colonia de Guerrero. They are 24 inches delicious quesadillas. You can order them with up to 5 types of stew.

In addition to that, tray the street food (which is simply delicious) in El Calvario in Olivar de los Padres. Attended by its owner, the tacos are a delight. Another place where the tacos are varied and divine is in Los Chupacabras near the Cineteca. His specialty is the taco chupas. It is ideal when hunger attacks late at night.

For a more formal plan, you should know the famous Café Tacuba, near the Legislative Assembly. It was created in 1912 with a great colonial style. It has an enormous painting of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz that you feel it spies on you. Order the special Tacuba enchiladas au gratin with parmesan and dipped in spinach sauce. Its hot chocolate is also heavenly. If you want to have the best view of the city, go to the El Mayor and taste the bananas at mezcal.

In the very beautiful Casa de los Azulejos in Cuauhtémoc is the restaurant Sanborn's. Order its chicken enchiladas. They serve you the dishes in exquisite china that surely you will love. You can also go to the Polanquito gastronomic area. There you will find all kinds of restaurants, highlighting Dulce Patria. Its moles are very tasty. Go up the stairs of the Polanco metro. They are musical, they will have fun.

If you desire something sweet, the best churros are in the El Moro. Order the churros with a special chocolate; and the best handmade ice creams, or nieve (as the chilangos say) is in Roxy. Ask for a harlequin. If you like traditional sweets go to the Celaya Candy shop created in 1874. The walnut kiss dessert is exquisite.

Drinks and pachanga

For tasting the best of alcohol (chupe) and go party or pachanga in a place of good vibes, you can start at the Corona Room. Not only can you drink beer (chela), but its snacks with the sauces of the house are delicious. Try the Carmela Cuaresmeño then tell us.

If you want something early, you can go to the famous Pulquería Nomás No Llores. Try the ensueño drink, it is delicious. Remember that a pulqueria is where they sell pulque. It is the mix from agave and aguamiel liquor. Another famous pulquería is the Tlachiquero with a very fresh youthful atmosphere.

Tenampa is a fun place to taste good food, excellent mezcal, tequilas and listen to the mariachis. If you want to close the night dancing, you must go to the Los Angeles Salon. With 80 years of tradition, here you can also receive dance classes and every day there is a special dancing style. 

Do not forget to visit the Garibaldi Square. It is surrounded by restaurants and street food, but the stars are the mariachis. If you want to impress your special someone, contract the mariachis and give a serenade.

Use the gadgets

Now that you know which places of D.F to visit, you only have to acquire the best possible technology. My Webspot has a portable WiFi which is a small wireless network router that connects to the internet through the 4G mobile network. You can link six devices at once and it serves to receive and send emails. Use applications to find all the places we have mentioned and post your photo with a charro hat. Everything you need from the internet. This is a tool that will undoubtedly help you to buying the best folding piñata as a souvenir. In addition it is prepaid so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want.

If after so much tequilas and pachanga you have a terrible and persistent hangover. Look for a place to have a michelada. It’s a cold beer served with lime juice, Tabasco sauce and lots of chili powder on the brim of the glass. It will clear your respiratory tract and ward off the hangover pains, it will also prepare you to keep drinking.


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