Explore Mexico City for nature and tradition lovers

Explore Mexico City for nature and tradition lovers

Mexico beauty and dear, if I die away from you, tell them I'm asleep and bring me here!

This is the translation of part of the song Mexico lindo y querido. It was composed by Chucho Monge Ramírez and with the voice of the handsome actor and singer Jorge Negrete. This song is a Mexican symbol. As beautiful as prophetic words, Negrete died in the United States and was brought to Mexico City to be buried. The truth is you don’t need to have been born on this earth to love it. Impressive landscapes, wonderful buildings, privileged climate, exquisite food and good people are some of the attributes that Mexico proudly displays.

And these lines go for you. Because you love nature, traditions and you live for the surprises that every place you visit has for you. Mexico City, wild land of chilangos will welcome you big time. 

Explore Mexico city in another way

Who plants trees, loves others

In the heart of Mexico City, with more than 600 hectares, the legendary Chapultepec Forest seems majestic. This immense vegetal lung is the delight of chilangos and foreigners. If you like museums, in this forest you have several. Museum of Natural History and Environmental Culture, Papalote Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, Caracol Museum, Modern Art Museum and Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art. There is also a beautiful castle that has the National History Museum.  But if you really want something natural, rent a canoe. Navigate through the lakes where the brave Moctezuma took his bathes. 

Enjoy the Sensory Garden of the botanical park of Chapultepec, where you must go off each one of your senses. Rent a bicycle and go through the Temperance Fountain. Greet David with his sling and admire the trees of more than 400 years. Come to the audiorama section and relax feel nature and music merge to soften your heart. It is an area for reading and away from the crowds.

The Sunken Park, which in reality is called Urbina Luis Park is really cool. It deserves this name because when you are entering it seems that you submerge yourself in the earth. It has many trees that make up the Christmas Eve Forest, numerous archaeological pieces, several fountains and waterfalls. The floral clocks are beauty and it also has an audiorama. The peace that you will breathe here will be enormous. If you really like to appreciate the flora, you should visit the Viveros de Coayacán. Not only is your air exceptionally pure, but you can also jog and do yoga.

To continue delighting your senses, walk through the Chimalistic neighborhood, and observe the beautiful bridges and trees. Find out where the remains of the tree of the sad night are. It is a tree where Hernan Cortes wept for his defeat.

The only thing you cannot recycle is lost time

Recycling is an important part of your life because you love nature. That's why you try to carry out activities that allow you to be close to it without damaging it. Also for this reason, you like to visit ancient places in a traditional or original way. Undoubtedly, a different way to admire Mexico is by taking the cable car and. So you also can visit some beautiful nearby towns.

If you want to combine nature and history, you must go to the archaeological zone of Cuicuilco. It means into a place where songs and dances are made. Here a volcano erupted this probably caused the abandonment of this area.

Also, you will surely enjoy the tours in the colonial historical centers. You must go to Regina Street, where the old lies beside the modern in a unique way. You can appreciate the Temple of Regina Coeli, with a beautiful baroque style and a decó style building. Here you will find authentic cantinas and taquerías with the best of bohemian atmospheres. If you like to acquire typical objects or you are a collector, you should go to the La Lagunilla Market. This is a flea market or tianguis, as the aborigines said. You can find from postcards to antique furniture, new and used objects. Also the Citadel is perfect if you like handicrafts and those that you will admire here, they are really pieces of art. Part of recycling is to love those places of tradition and collection, right?

Let heaven be your ceiling and the earth your pillow

You want more than beautiful parks and urban colonial routes. You long to feel a bit wilder in the city atmosphere. Is that possible? Yes it is. Mexico City is made for everyone who loves and respects it.

To move your body we recommend that you visit the Olympic rowing and canoeing track of Cuemanco. It also has an excellent jogging track, equipment and various courts that will put you fit. It is the best landscape to exercise, within the city. 

But if you want something more natural and heavenly, you must go to Santo Tomás de Ajuasco town, at the south of the D.F. Once there ask about the house of Don Ignacio Figueroa or the garden of the labyrinth. It is a beautiful English-style house with gardens taken from a fairy tale with a happy ending. You can camp on weekends and of course, penetrate the magical labyrinth. If you are lucky you will run into a faun ... or not.

Keep technology close

Now that you cannot wait any longer to arrive at the D.F, you only have to acquire the best possible technology. My Webspot Mexico offers pocket WiFi. It is a small wireless network router that connects to the internet through the 4G mobile network. You can link six devices at once and it serves to receive and send emails. Use applications to find all the places we have mentioned, post a selfie with the Cárcamo de Dolores in the background. Everything you need from the internet. This is a tool that will undoubtedly help you to enjoy the fresh air in Chapultepec. In addition it’s prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want. 

Before we say good bye, take a note of a Mexican tradition for you. On birthday, the birthday person is awakened by singing Las Mañanitas and a cake. So if you go to the D.F with someone special who celebrates another year of life, you know what to do.



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