How To Get Free WiFi in New York

How To Get Free WiFi in New York


When Brooklyn Bridge was built, New Yorkers didn’t trust that humongous structure could bear so much weight. To prove they were wrong, P.T. Barnum, a circus businessman prepared a unique surprise.

He took his 21 elephants and made them cross the Brooklyn Bridge, with Jumbo as the main attraction. Later Walt Disney was inspired by Jumbo to create his famous Dumbo. Sweet, isn’t?

New York holds millions of secrets. In order to discover all of them, you have to be connected to optimize your travel experience. Thus you need to know everything you can about free WiFi on your next trip to New York.

Then you must know New York is not only one of the most vibrant places in the entire world. It is a land made for exploration, first times, fresh starts and freedom. It is a paradise for the senses.

The beautiful Central Park, the amazing High Line, the fun Brooklyn Bridge and the French Lady Liberty are some places you must visit to explore your creativity.

Maybe you are going to be the first to enter into the Low line in south Manhattan, the first underground park in the world. So keep reading this little guide to know the secrets of free WiFi in New York.

Where Do I Find Free WiFi in New York?

The Whispering Gallery is a curious area inside the New York Grand Central Terminal. You stand in a corner and in the opposite corner you can magically be heard in spite distance and noise. It is perfect for a marriage proposal. So romantic! The Kiss Gallery is also well known for being the point of farewells for lovers. And the best of all, this terminal has free public WiFi, like most of the subways stations. You can check out this in the Transit Wireless Wi-Fi.

No sooner you arrive in New York you are going to find free WiFi everywhere. The New York Airports, La Guardia, John F. Kennedy, Stewart and Newark Liberty offer free WiFi for 30 minutes. It is a short time but it may be enough to let your relatives know you have arrived safely.

In this order, you can also use LinkNYC WiFi. They are free high-speed terminals. They are on the streets and you can make calls, see maps and even recharge your phone.

There is free WiFi in parks and squares like Union Square, Herald Square, Times Square, Bryant Park, Central Park, Columbus Circle and more. If you don’t like outdoors, try coffee shops, restaurants and stores like Starbucks, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Apple Store, Barnes & Noble or Whole Foods.

Even some museums, public buildings and markets like the MoMA, the New York Public Library and the Chelsea Market offer free WiFi. There is no excuse to have a face time with your bae while you admire the view from the Empire State.

Should I Be Careful With Free WiFi in New York? 

Sadly yes. You have to be careful with free WiFi everywhere you go. Free WiFi NYC gets you out of some troubles but can give you a worst one. The places that provide it may also attract cyber criminals.

They are lurking and waiting for an opportunity to steal your banking data. You won’t want ruin that magical evening where you went to the Yankees Stadium knowing your bank account has been drained. Just for using free WiFi in the Bronx.

In this sense, you must know free WiFi ties you to a place. You are a traveler, pal! Free spirit, wings wide open and not string attached. You desire to talk on the phone walking around Bryant Park, not being still like a stone. So you have a few things to consider first.

Visiting New York With Your Data Roaming

This is the easier choice. You can use the international data package that your own telephone company provides. That is data roaming and it is expensive. Your company needs to contract with some companies from New York in order to keep the internet service.

Besides, that international data package is limited. Once you finish the data usage allowance, you will be charged again at the full rate without any warning. You will end up paying at least $2 per Mb. An average traveler consumes about 500Mb per day. So if you are not worried about the money, you can choose this expensive option.

Being Connected With a SIM Card in New York

When you are planning your trip, you need to take time to plan your communications arrangements. That means you need to decide what kind of data consumer you are and the purpose of your trip.

You are doing a research about the using the Stanislavski method by The Phantom of the Opera actors in Broadway. Interviews, online researches and podcasts will be made. You are going to need a lot of data. In this case, you should choose a Pocket WiFi.

On the contrary, you are on your vacation with family and friends. You are going to shop in Nolita and visiting the MoMA and the Guggenheim. You only need using maps app and social networks, because you are dying for send that picture grabbing the balls of the Charging Bull.

With a prepaid international SIM Card, you are going to be fine. SIM cards allow you making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages and internet connection. You can find a SIM card everywhere.

What Can a Pocket WiFi Do For Me On My Next Trip to New York?

Baby, a lot! This is the ideal solution for a traveler like you. Please imagine you are walking around the historic Ellis Island. And when you are facing the Wall of Honor, with the names of thousand immigrates you read the name Jean Pierre. Your boss is named Jean.

You just remembered you have to send him an important and heavy file right now. You are fine because you have a Pocket WiFi. This is the option for large groups and heavy data eaters. Maybe you and your friends are in the majestic City Hall metro station.

My Webspot offers WiFi rental fo traverlers going to New York. The Pocket WiFi rental in the US will allow you to get 4G LTE and unlimited data with a fair usage of 1GB per day. Among all options, this is the only way you can browse the internet so fast and long.

In addition, it is prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want. Furthermore, you always feel accompanied because My Webspot guys are prepared to help you whenever you need it.

Lastly, we hope you have made your mind and chose the best option for your travel communications. Meanwhile, have fun with this little fact. George T. Delacorte was a widower philanthropist. He remembered how his dead wife Margarita loved children and Lewis Caroll stories. To honor her memory, he ordered the construction of the sculpture Margarita Delacorte Memorial.

It is known by everybody as Alice in Wonderland in the Central Park. The Spanish sculptor, José de Creeft even used the face of Delacorte for the Mad Hatter.One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.