Free WiFi ITALIA : An analysis of the public internet in Italy

Free WiFi ITALIA : An analysis of the public internet in Italy

Currently, with the development of communications via the Internet, it becomes almost impossible to think of living without being connected to the world wide web. We are increasingly accustomed to the network that we cannot leave on the sidelines of our daily life anymore.

The Internet has triggered a new concept of urbanization. Many countries rely on the technologies of information and communication (ICT) to create harmony between people and cities.

Therefore, WiFi services have become one of the most demanded services for tourists and travelers.

Keeping this in mind, the Italian government, with the aim to re-establish its position in the tourism market by making use of innovation and technology, but without losing sight of the traveler as the axis of all its policies, has promoted the deployment of Free WiFi ITALIA, a network with 28,000 access points throughout the country. People can now browse free of charge. This can be done from any place, whether it is in parks, plazas, museums, shopping centers, and others. The free WiFi Italia becomes a way of browsing on the internet for free looking for available WiFi networks in the main cities.

How to get access to Free WiFi ITALIA?

It is very easy to get access to the free WiFi. The registration is done through free WiFi Italia. The registration process is very easy. You just need to type in your name, email address, the address of accommodation, date of birth, and the verification of your identity, select the username and password that you want to use and make sure it is available.

Most require some type of authorization that can be done through text messages. It is necessary to have an Italian phone number to receive a message with the access code. The same can be done through the option of a credit card without any extra charges and without storing the credit card number.


Evaluation of Free WiFi Italia in major Italian cities

The offer of free WiFi is different in each of the major cities, either for the duration of the connection or the amount of data that can be used every day. Below you will find a short analysis of the offer in each of the major cities of the country.

The city of Rome by the third option “it Goes free”, allows you to access the internet directly. You can check your emails or whatever you need out of the web portal of the city of Rome for four hours a day. It is free of charge with a data limit of 300 Mb.

Florence with its service “Firenze Wi-Fi” allows citizens and tourists to connect to the Internet for up to two hours a day free of charge. This includes up to 200 areas of the city. The connection is provided by the municipality of Florence. There is no registration needed for the access code. The free WiFi ITALIA in Florence works for two hours per day and a maximum of 500 Mb.

Milan has around 370 WiFi access points. They can be found throughout the city of which 70 are located inside public buildings, eg. museums. The Airport of Malpensa, as well as several food chains such as McDonald’s, Caffé Novecento or Panini Giusto, offer free access to their customers. Daily, users can use up to 300 Mb, which will be reduced to 192Kbps when used up.

In Naples, there are not too many access points to free WiFi. Each user has access to an internet connection for up to two hours per and 200 Mb of data. In comparison to that, Turin has covered most of its public areas with WiFi which allows free access to the Internet by citizens and tourists.

Turin also joined the Free Wi-Fi Italia project, the first network federated national free access to the internet in wireless mode. The connection allows the navigation for 12 hours per day or over 750 Mb of data.


As it can be seen above, free WiFi ITALIA does not necessarily cover all expectations of citizens and travelers. This is especially due to the location of WiFi access points. In many cities there is still not a 100 percent coverage which means that travelers in particular will have a problem.

In addition, data is usually restricted which makes browsing on Facebook or Google Maps hardly possible. Keep in mind that some of the networks where you access the internet are for free. Especially the connectivity in small stores and restaurants may not work smoothly throughout the day.

This can be annoying if you need a stable connection. You should always have a map of access points that work even without an internet connection to help find a network of free WiFi.

Another important aspect is the security of the information that is shared over an open network. The public WiFi allows you to connect to the internet free of charge.

At the same time, it can become a double-edged sword. According to experts on the subject of cyber security, public networks are very vulnerable for hackers and criminals. The personal information of the users may be exposed such as: passwords, user names and bank information.

Alternative Internet Connection: Rent a Pocket WiFi in Italy

If you want to be connected at any time, in any place (even in cities and remote areas) and to navigate safely, an alternative is to rent a pocket WiFi. There are many companies that offer pocket WiFi for Italy travelers and one of them is My Webspot.

This company offers pocket WiFi to Italy with an affordable cost, unlimited internet, secure browsing, and 4G coverage. It can be delivered prior your trip or in the destination country.

If you plan on visiting the main cities of Italy and you are one of those who do not connect very often to the internet, you can use free WiFi ITALIA to stay connected every day and enjoy a few hours but if you are looking for something constant, unlimited and reliable, My Webspot is the solution.

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