Destination travel: comparison of the most expensive and least expensive destinations

Destination travel: comparison of the most expensive and least expensive destinations

Travel destination: Where to go? When to leave? For what budget? The world is full of travel destinations as varied as they are multiple. We know that you Globe Trotters are dying to discover them in every nook and cranny. However, we do not all have the same means. The most expensive destinations may have to be postponed. In addition, many cheap travel destinations are equally breathtaking to discover.

Destination travel: comparison of the most and cheapest destinations in the world.

Destination Travel: The most expensive

Europe is the most expensive continent in the world: the cost of living is very high and housing is expensive. Among the most expensive countries:


Its cost is 40 times higher than the cost of a vacation in New York, for example. This Scandinavian country with its many charms is worth a visit and opens up a breathtaking landscape that only Scandinavia has the secret to. According to studies conducted by Globe Trotting, a typical day costs you about 65€.


This small paradise cut off from the world is the second most expensive destination in the world. Switzerland is completely independent and enjoys well-being and prosperity. In the heart of its mountains, as warm in winter as in summer, this is one of the best destinations to recharge your batteries.


The smallest of the Scandinavian countries also requires you to heat the credit card to enjoy a holiday on its territory. Lulled by the waters of the Baltic Sea, this country is calm and relaxing and its places are as varied as they are unusual.


In addition to the European continent, which appears mainly in the TOP 10 of the most expensive destinations, Australia is also very expensive. This huge island in the central Pacific is increasingly in vogue for entrepreneurs and travellers from all over the world. Both paradisiacal and with a flourishing economy, Australia represents an Eldorado with a significant financial implication. Its cost is almost 8x higher than the cost of a holiday in New York.

Destination Travel: the cheapest

The Indian basin is home to the cheapest destinations in the world. The cost of living is much lower than in Europe, and a holiday in such countries offers you the opportunity to have access to luxury at a low price.


It is officially the cheapest destination in the world: its cost is 70 times lower than a trip to New York and offers you one of the largest and most varied territories in the world. Its 3,287,000 km2 of surface area coincides with Indian culture, Buddhist worship, imperial palaces and rice fields as far as the eye can see.


Globe-Trotors from all over the world: Pakistan is for you. Its immense mountain ranges offer you breathtaking views of the Asian continent. A country bordering India and China, a trip to Pakistan at low cost will delight hikers from all over the world.



This small Africa, which has taken off to sea, is a true nest of cultural richness in an atypical and bucolic setting. From the vastness of the waterfalls to the expanse of arid fields and paradisiacal beaches, Madagascar offers you access to landscapes as diverse as they are varied, for a 65x trip that is less expensive than going to New York.


THE good plan for travellers who have few resources and want to enjoy an earthly paradise during a holiday break: Thailand. A real warmth bath, a source of fullness and unique landscapes, the turquoise waters and the Thai islets will delight families, groups of friends, singles or newlyweds for an average budget of 20€ per day (compared to the cost of living in Thailand)

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