Discover Mexico Riviera Maya : 6 unforgettable stops

Can you imagine the Earth sunk in a deep total darkness? Or a place with a very low temperature for years and years? This is how the planet suffered after the impact of an immense meteorite. After the thunderous shock that left a footprint of 125 miles of diameter, everything was chaos. Fires everywhere, earthquakes up to 16 degrees on the Richter Scale, temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees Celsius, volcanic eruptions. Tsunamis causing waves of more than 600 feet high. Acid rain and any other scene taken from an apocalypse worthy of the most bloody Bible. Extinct almost all forms of life. Missing the beautiful and immense dinosaurs, the Earth would never be the same again.

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Find out the best chocolate in Mexico

best chocolate trip MexicoThe Mayan Olympus was inhabited by the deities Tlaloc, lord of the rains and souls, his wife Xochiquetzal, goddess of joy and love and their leader Quetzalcoatl. This powerful leader loved humans so much that he cared to teach them important knowledge. Like the march of the stars, the measurement of time and the change of seasons. In this way they took advantage of the periods of rain and drought for sowing and harvesting.

He loved humans so much. One day he stole a beautiful tree of red fruits that jealously was guarded by the other gods. Then Quetzalcoatl took the tree and gave it to humans. The fruit was toasted and then beaten with water and from there came a powerful and heavenly drink called xocolātl. It was a concoction so sacred that here on earth, it was only consumed by priests and nobles. Then the Toltecs became so wise and happy that the other gods felt envy. They took revenge by destroying the Toltec people which depressed the gentle Quetzalcoatl, who went into exile. Continue reading

Visit Monterrey the great industrial city of Mexico

explore Monterrey trip MexicoIn 1915 the super luxurious Gran Hotel Alcira in Monterrey, hosted the mythical revolutionary Pancho Villa for 11 days. And they hosted its horse too. Yes. Pancho loved his horse so much that he also asked for a room.

We all want the best for our loved ones and you can find only the best in Monterrey. With a magnificent economic and industrial development, the city of the state of Nuevo León is a very modern metropolis. Also considered one of the happiest cities in the world, it has hundreds of attractions that tourists tend to ignore.
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Mexico City: between the ambrosia and the pachanga

Mexico DF trip partyChela, chupe y pachanga. If you like to drink, eat and party, you must know the meaning of those words. So keep reading. Ambrosía is the food and drink of the gods and mortals have ours too. The problem is all the ambrosia is in Mexico. As well as the best parties. Then it is your duty as every good hedonist, to go to Mexico City to check it out.

This magical land has risen from the bloodiest of invasions, of the most devastating earthquakes and proudly displays its brave caste. Beyond its magnificent structures and invaluable resources, Mexico is a destination to please the palate and the rest of the body. So read these lines well to know where you will use your senses when you visit the famous D.F.
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Visit Mexico beaches that will leave you breathless

beaches Mexico visit tripDid you know sea water can effectively clean your airways? It can also heal your skin, regenerate your liver, cure your insomnia and make you happier. Even church bells are anointed with sea salt to ward off bad vibes. If you love to escape to the beach, enjoy the sun and immerse in deep waters, keep reading. Water regenerates you, gives you joy and gives you life.

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Mexico City for the bohemians find the way of life that you like

Sing and do not cry, because by singing, my sweetheart, is how the hearts get happy.

bohemian Mexico DF tripThat is part of the translation of the Cielito Lindo song. Many voices sang it, when the first person was rescued from the tragic earthquake of September 2017. Just thinking about it shakes the soul, but the greatness of the Mexicans surpasses the enormous size of this country. There is no adversity the Aztec cannot overcome. Genocide, earthquakes, walls, guerrillas and any sinister situation is defeated for these brave people. The beautiful Mexico City is proof of that. It is cosmopolitan, eclectic, happy, dynamic, calm, harmonious, noisy, multicultural, typical, sinuous, bright and dark, anything but boring.
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