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Pocket WiFi vs SIM Card vs Data Roaming | Comparison

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You booked your airplane ticket for an amazing holiday coming up abroad. All you are looking for now is mobile internet at your destination. Free WiFi’s can be a challenge to find, not very reliable and often it is only freemium (buy a coffee to get free WiFi).

Most travelers will get a Pocket WiFi or a SIM Card for a short-term holiday. What are the differences and what is the right fit for you?

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Why Mobile WiFi In Europe Is Still Superior To WiFi Calling

Are you traveling to Europe soon and considering to use roaming as your solution to stay connected to the internet? Find out why Mobile WiFi in Europe is still the better solution.

How to stay connected on your journey

We all know it - preparing for your holiday can be extremely stressful all things combined. But today’s technology made it very easy for us to stay connected to the internet wherever we go. The world we live in is a very data - driven one in which the internet becomes a necessity.

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Happy Hangouts Around The World

Somebody once said the joy of life is always having something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. What a wise words, but don’t let anybody tells you what happiness is, you are the only who really knows. Meanwhile we can provide you a list of hangouts where many people were very happy then you can try and tell us if you agree with them.


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Hotspot wifi Germany : What is your best travel internet solution?

Hotspot WiFi Germany: Many people wonder where and how to find it. What are the best solutions to have an internet access everywhere in Germany?

Pocket WiFi is not widely known. But many travelers think that it is the best hotspot WiFi Germany solution to avoid data roaming. A Portable WiFi allows you to have a stable WiFi access everywhere in Germany.

By using this device you can avoid any last minute calls or webpage check that may cost you a lot of voice or data roaming.

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Free WiFi ITALIA: An analysis of the public internet in Italy


Currently, with the development of communications via the Internet, it becomes almost impossible to think of living without being connected to the world wide web. We are increasingly accustomed to the network that we cannot leave on the sidelines of our daily life anymore.

The Internet has triggered a new concept of urbanization. Many countries rely on the technologies of information and communication (ICT) to create harmony between people and cities.

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Prepaid Internet Spain: Find the best mobile internet solutions

Nowadays travelers do not have much time to enjoy their vacation or leisure time. International tourists want to visit and see several cities in the shortest time possible. Especially business travelers have densely planned trip itineraries.

This is why staying connected to the Internet in Spain is important. For the majority of travelers nowadays internet access abroad is a major issue. Thereby staying connected to secure and stable internet can be a big challenge. There are several options offered by the market to remain connected while traveling to Spain. We advise you to study these options carefully and finally offer you the best choice for Internet in Spain for yo [...]

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Prepaid Internet Italy: Best solution to remain connected

In Italy, Internet access is guaranteed in the most important cities. Many of us have already used free WiFi in Cybercafes, hotels or places with a lot of people. In large cities, you can find free WiFi access in many places. But access to the internet in these places is still very limited. Updating web pages, loading files or sharing information can take a considerable time.

Now that people are used to the very fast internet, it causes a lot of anxiety and concern to travelers. They generally expect the downloads and file updates to be faster than it actually is. Due to the high costs paid by users to have good access to the Internet, Italy currently occupies the 22nd position [...]

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