20 Travel Destinations to visit in your 20s

20 Travel Destinations to visit in your 20s

Youth, divine treasure and you'll not return... When I want to cry, I do not cry, and sometimes I cry unintentionally... Those wise words from the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario, explain perfectly the energy and impetuosity of youth. They help to realize life is a precious and brief treasure and we should invest time to fill our hearts with joy. Travelling is the best way to achieve that. For those who are in their 20s, we chose our favorite 20 Travel Destinations to visit around the world to experience the wonder of being free and young.

Travel Destinations #1: New York, United States of America.

You definitely have to take a bit to this big and delicious apple. From the natural beauty of Central Park to the greatness of the Met Museum, going through the chicness of Little Italy, this city offers endless places and activities which will adjust to your personality, taste and desires. Go see The Lion King on Broadway, buy some spices in Chinatown, enjoy the Warhol’s creations at the MoMa; have a bite in Greenwich Village and walk free the Brooklyn Bridge. You are going to love it.

Travel Destinations #2: Bangkok, Thailand.

This city will blow your mind. It is colorful, loud and fast. You can go to the tourist ghetto - there are many hostels, bars, restaurants and all kinds of shops. Other must see's are the temples: The Wat Phra Kaew, The Wat Pho and The Wat Arun offering the best sunsets. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride a tuk-tuk and bargain in Chinatown. Go to the floating market of Damnoen Saduak and try the exotic fruits. It's just awesome. Take the time to enjoy a Thai massage and take a picture with the reclining Buddha.

Travel Destinations #3: Fiji, Japan.

Those islands are a small piece of heaven on earth. You can claim the Namosi Mountains, rafting on Navua River, partying in Suva or explore the wild orchids. The beaches are really spectaculars, calm and clean. The food is very tasty and the people are nice. Locals don’t care about the time and they nap at noon. When you arrive at the village you will be asked if you want to drink Kava. After drinking, don’t forget to return the bowl and clap three times.

Travel Destinations #4: Barcelona, Spain.


If you love architecture, you will love it here. You must visit the Güell Park and the Batllo House. Love music? Go to the Razzmatazz. Love art? Go to the Picasso Museum. Love nature? Claim the Montjuic Mountain. Don’t leave the city without trying the delicious seafood with paella! Visit one of the Liberty Statues and try to get the password to get in in the secret bar Dry Martini.

Travel Destinations #5: London, United Kingdom.

The home of the Queen (Elizabeth or Freddie) is marvelous and also funny. If you like football you can visit the Emirates Stadium. To enjoy the architecture, go to Big Ben, Westminster Abby or the Buckingham Palace. For outdoors lovers is the Sherwood Forrest. You must definitely make time and go to Liverpool and visit its pubs and jump in the giant Ferris wheel London Eye. Don’t miss the tea- date!

Travel Destinations #6: Krakow, Poland.

This is a very imposing city. Its main square is a beautiful place to walk, sit and just admire the view. Visit the Wawel Castle where is one Da Vinci’s painting, get in the Smocza Jama dragon’s cave and see the marvelous sculpture. Visit the Schlinder’s factory and show your respect in the Hero’s Square. You must go to the Wielickza salt mines, look for the Karol Wojtyla’s sculptures and eat Zapienkanka in the Kazimierz Jew neighborhood. Listen to the unfinished song of the trumpeter every day.

Travel Destinations #7: Berlin, Germany.

The first place on this journey may begin at the Branderburger Gate. It will give you access to to the Tiergarten Park. Later you can refresh your eyes in the Panoramapunkt, have a local beer and enjoy art. If you like to dance, visit the Clärchens Ballhaus which is an old dance room that serves food, drinks and hosts thematic evenings. The East Side Gallery is the largest of its kind in the world and is an old part of the Berlin Wall. You can visit 180 museums in Berlin. It is impossible to get bored here.


Travel Destinations #8: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Samba land has one of the largest beaches in the world. Ipanema is a very luxuries area and ideal to go shopping to. The famous Copacabana is very bohemian. One further must see is the Redeemer Christ that is really spectacular, providing one of the most amazing views over the city. There is the Maracana stadium where soccer is played and important concerts too. So bring your swing suite, sun cream and energy to samba!

Travel Destinations #9: Dublin. Ireland.

Did you know that St. Valentines remains are buried in Dublin? Yes, but the most celebrated Saint is Patrick (go green!). It is an idyllic city to be, thick and green forests, imposing castles and full of literature everywhere you go. There are literature tours made from actors who will take you to pubs and tell you magical stories. If you enjoy beer, you can go to the Guinness Storehouse and have the most amazing view over the city. Go there and find a leprechaun!


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Travel Destinations #10: Buenos Aires, Argentina.


There is more than tango and mate tea to know from Buenos Aires. The Galilei Planetarium is a spectacular piece of art, architecture and science. There are many types of museums like Carlos Gardel house and Evita Peron museum. The Palermo Soho is a gorgeous zone with several art galleries, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, theaters and bookstores. Make sure to visit the Generic Floralis which is an amazing sculpture of a flower that opens its petals with the sun light and go the Recoleta Cemetery that has wonderful pieces of art. This is our number 10 of the most popular Travel Destinations.

Travel Destinations #11: Florence, Italy.

In this artistic city you can see the fantastic David of Miguel Angelo, have a delicious ice cream, drink a glass of Chianti wine, claim the Campanile di Giotto to enjoy the magic view; have a food tour, visit the Uffizy Gallery. You have to go to Veccio Palace and see the strange woman’s head sculpture that legends said that is a real woman turned into stone. Creepy!


Travel Destinations #12:  Las Vegas, United States of America.

The Bellagio fountains spectacle is a must see in this #11 Travel Destinations, the sin city which in not only casinos and gambling. You can drive a Nascar vehicle, ride amazing and frightening roller coasters, visit the Neon and Mob Museum. There are many shows you can enjoy, like Cirque Du Solei and the magician David Copperfield. Do everything - because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Travel Destinations #13: Tel Aviv, Israel.

This big orange offers beautiful Mediterranean beaches. You can go surfing and diving, enjoy the Bauhaus architecture, go to the market at the Jaffa port, visit the Eretz Museum and eat in Sarona market. Don’t miss the clock tower and eat in the Abulafya bakery, it is so yummy! Did you know Tel Aviv has several bunkers? If you have enough time, do not miss the chance of visiting Jerusalem with its national Museum Jad Vashem and the Western Wall.


Travel Destinations #14: Mykonos, Greece.

The labyrinths of tiny white houses make Greece unique. At the Port of Mykonos you can enjoy the best gastronomy of the city. There are so many restaurants, art galleries and churches. You maybe want to go the Archeological Museum there and see Troy’s horse. The best nightclubs are the beaches, like Paradiso beach. Once upon a time a hurt pelican was saved from its  injuries in Mykonos and it always came back there to thank, that’s the reason for many pelicans live there.

Travel Destinations #15: Tokyo, Japan.

Did you know that many streets in Japan are roofed?  Yes, Tokyo is an exciting city, so fast, bright and crowed. There are several thermal baths around the city that you must try. The train’s stations are spectacular. Ginza is excellent for shopping, the Hama Rikyu Garden is great for taking a walk and museums and all kind of fun places you can find. The street food is amazing!

Travel Destinations #16: Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

North of the south in America there is a country of possibilities that hides several breathtaking places. One of them is Canaima. You can see the tepuyes which are huge plateaus of rocks made by God. Salto Angel is the biggest waterfall in the world and it is there. Canaima provides the most spectacular view of sunsets. The locals are very genuine people and it is an ideal place to be wild and get closer with Mother Earth.

Travel Destinations #17: Machu Picchu, Peru.


It is an old Inca village considered as architecture and an engineering jewel for its access way. Its agricultural purpose will blow your mind. Its location was intentionally chosen by Incas for several reason like astronomy, soil conditions, religious proposes and all mystery things that we ignore. The energy is magical there and is amazing for hiking.

Travel Destinations #18:  Nice, France.

When you arrive to this romantic place, go to Albert I gardens. The Massena Square hosts magnificent sculptures which are worth stopping buy and taking some pictures. You can shop in the Vieux Nice, visit all the churches, museums and its calm and exclusive beaches. The Mardi Gras festival is really amazing and fun. This is a place to relax and party 24/7.


Travel Destinations #19:  Cairo, Egypt. 

This ancestral city is really exciting. You have several places to go like the Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Tahrir Square (with politician stories), the Egyptian Museum and enter to the pyramids. Being in the sarcophagus of the King’s chamber is hallucinating. You also must go to the Al-Azhar Park which is a spectacular oasis and take a bite of the delicious food. If you are a candy lover, try the baklava which is a delicious dessert.

Travel Destinations #20:  Amsterdam, Holland.

The first thing you have to do when you arrive is getting a bike and ride to the Jordaan neighborhood. It is colorful, full of arty galleries, bars, restaurants, antiques shops and bookstores. You can also do a cruise on the emblematic channels. Take a bite of a broodje haring which is a delicious street plate of fish, onions and pickles. Go to a tasting of craft beer or a funny coffee shop. The Bollenstreek (tulip fields) are breathtaking. There are several museums and the house of Anne Frank. Don’t miss the popular Red Light District and remember that Amsterdam’s homes usually do not have any curtains!

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