12 Must Visit Secret Islands in Italy for 2017

12 Must Visit Secret Islands in Italy for 2017

Magnificent sculptures, delicious food, nice weather, imposed buildings and beautiful colorful people are enough reasons for telling that Italy is the earthly Olympus. Seeing the gorgeous David of Michelangelo, having a pizza in Naples, connecting with the higher power in the Sistine Chapel are wonderful feelings, but being kissed by the salty and vibrant Italian sea breeze is like dancing with angels. This is your ultimate guide for Secret Islands Italy 2017!

So open your senses and promise to keep these secrets that I am about to tell you. Be careful! These Italians islands are so wonderful and magical that maybe you do not want to leave anymore!

Secret Islands Italy #1: Palmaria Island.

This is the largest island in Liguria. It is in front of the town of Portovenere, from which boats transport tourists to this island. It is so private that it only has one hotel. This paradisiac island is known for the multitude of pedestrian routes that tourists can enjoy because they can see a unique nature, its flora and fauna are simply beautiful. That place is ideal for a honeymoon. Did you know that it is a tradition that groom and bride friends prepare the honeymoon suite before the weeding? They call it “fá il letto” which means making the bed.

Secret Islands Italy #2: Capraia Island. 

To get there you need to take a ferry from Porto Mediceo in Livorno. It takes about two and a half hours. Its name means “place of the goats”. The best way to know this former volcanic jewel is walking or boating. In this way the island provides so many tours from which to choose from. You may try the local wine and its anchovies, both are super delicious! The colors of the island and the sea are very impressive. It also has churches, towers, castles and even a former prison. The beaches have this clear water that invites you to dive.  Once upon a time, many pirates invaded and looted the island.

Secret Islands Italy #3: Elba Island.

This piece of heaven offers different experiences to its tourists. You can go to Biodola beach and enjoy its white sand. Or you can go to Cavoli beach and its crystal clear water. Topinetti beach is another stunning beach with dark sand with iron minerals in it. Every single one is very fun. This island is known for being a micro state made for Napoleon Bonaparte. Here you need to visit the National Museum of the Napoleonic Residence and the Muline Castle. You can also go to the Chuisa which is a pretty wine cellar. After that you should go to the Marciana Marina to do the traditional passegiata. It is an afternoon walk followed with a drink. If you visit Elba take your partner because it is a very romantic island.

Secret Islands Italy #4: Stromboli Island.

This tiny island in the Tirreno Sea hosts many active volcanoes which inspired the famous Julio Verne. From the top of the volcano you can watch the incandescent magma live. The best time for the ascent to the volcanic cone of Stromboli is in the afternoon. It is an exciting and amazing thing to do. Remember to take warm clothes, boots, food and water and prepare to smell sulfur. It is strong but is worth it.

Secret Islands Italy #5: Burano Island.

This pretty and vivid island belongs to the archipelago of the Venetian lagoon and is also called the city of the colors. The vibe when you arrive there is great. You can feel joy and fun at the same time. The locals are very nice and in its square you can find the church of San Martino Vescovo, with its characteristic leaning tower, as well as the Merletto Museum, with an extensive exhibition of lace, a craft activity from the sixteenth century. In winter the lagoon is usually filled with fog. Hence, the fishermen decided to paint the houses in bright colors in order to recognize them more easily once they returne to the island. That is the origin of its colorful vibe.

Secret Islands Italy #6: Murano Island.

This is the largest island of archipelago of the Venetian lagoon and is famous for its glass factories. You definitely have to go to the Murano Glass Museum where you can see more than 4,000 pieces including Phoenician jars, chalices, mirrors and kaleidoscope beads. It’s really instructive and fun to see. One tip to mingle well: the most common greeting is to greet with the hands and then, to give a kiss on the cheek of the other person without touching it with the lips. Italians are very affective people!

Secret Islands Italy #7: Torcello Island.

If you really enjoy architecture, you must go to this island and see the Byzantine Cathedral of the Assumption. It was built in 639 and the view is awesome from its bell tower. Outside this cathedral in its main façade is a marble seat, rumors say that it was the Attila’s throne.

Secret Islands Italy #8: Panarea Island.

This island is very fun because when the sun goes down, the party starts. Most of the houses are white which makes the town very picturesque. The beaches are spectacular, weather is comfy and the vibe invites you to have a glass of limoncello and party all night long.

Secret Islands Italy #9: Procida Island.

Procida is the smallest island of the gulf of Naples and is full of colors, noise and nice people.  When you arrive, make sure to go to the Marine Chiaiolella and try the tastiest seafood. The atmosphere is very festive and the beaches are crowded of tourists from all over the world. It is an excellent place to make friends.

Secret Islands Italy #10: Lampedusa Island.

This is a perfect spot for diving and watching the sea turtles. You can even dive in the night which is an extraordinary experience. You must try the couscous fish accompanied by the best and freshest Sicilian white wines. Yummy!

Secret Islands Italy #11: Saint Giorgio Maggiore Island.

Saint Giorgio Maggiore belongs to the Venice Islands. Its church holds a treasure, the master piece of Tintoretto, The Last Supper. Any spot of Venice is a beautiful place to stay. There is also the Green Theatre, which is an amphitheater where many kind of shows are presented, offering a vivid experience of Greek theatre.

Secret Islands Italy #12: Levanzo Island.

This is a lovely place to spend your holidays. Its waters are blue and green and it is very calm. If you are looking for a place to rest, this is the one. It has colorful vegetation, spectacular views. You can go hiking, diving, swimming or just relaxing on its white beaches. Don’t forget to visit the Cave of Genoese. It has paintings of the Neolithic age.

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