The 12 Best Travel Apps in 2018

The 12 Best Travel Apps in 2018

Nowadays, smartphones stop being a nice and expensive toy, to be a very necessary and efficient tool. We take our phones and not only we look for pokemonor post a funny video with dog ears. If we are really smarter than our gadgets, we can use our phones to work, travel and more. Indeed, smartphones are the best gadgets for a traveler.

So you need to know what the best travel apps are in order to improve your experience.

In this sense, the “apps” or smartphone applications are computer programs. They are designed as a tool to allow a user to perform one or several types of tasks. Their purpose is improving some task. For instance, if you are trying to manage your finances, there are apps which help you to create personal budgets.

If you want to lose some weight, there are apps too. Are you looking for a hotel? Thousands of apps you will find for it.  

So, keep reading us and take a look at the best trip apps for you in the market and get the most out of your trip.

1.   Get Skyscannerand don’t miss your flight

Sometimes, booking a hotel or a flight is a very stressful task. Using an app will make this whole deal easier. This is one of the most popular apps for travelers and it has recently been improved.

Skyscanner searches for the best flights, hotels, and cars rental deals. You can download it for iOS and for Androids. A little tip for you: keep its notifications on, so you can get a great offer.

 2.   Meet Wimanand be online

When you travel, having access to the internet is fundamental for many reasons. From changing a hotel reservation to finding the best place to drink a few mojitos, being online is important. If your travel budget is tight, maybe you are going to depend on free WiFi. Wiman is one of the top free travel apps.

With Wilman,you can connect to over 60,000,000 WiFi hotspots around the world to surf the internet for free. You do not need passwords to connect. For this app, you only activate your GPS and you are ready to go. It serves for Androids and iOS.

3.   Be calm with GateGuru

This is one of the free travel apps for iPhone. Like Skyscanner, this app can find hotels, cars rental and flights.

Nevertheless, GateGuru offers the status of flights in real time. It also gives notifications along with abundant airport information customized specifically for your itinerary.

4.   Don’t be stuck with Waze

When you are on your vacations, you need to squeeze every minute of it and don’t miss time. Imagine you can avoid a traffic jam just by looking at your phone. This is possible thanks to Waze. You can download it for any Smartphone.

It is like a community because is fed by its users. You can receive alerts before approaching accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other drivers in real time.

5.   Be bold with Airbnb

You have a free soul and you believe hotels are cold and impersonal, so the Airbnb app is made for you. It comes for any Smartphone and it helps you to book a cozy and friendly home to stay while you are traveling.

Airbnbis also a community of hosts and guests where you can choose between over 4 millions of houses and apartments in over 190 countries. You can also book for local experiences like collecting strawberries in the UK, guided by local experts.

6.   Take care of your money with XE Currency

When you are traveling abroad, you may be happy and euphoric, but sadly you are also vulnerable. There are many bad people out there looking for a naïve tourist to cheat.

In order to keep you safe, XE Currency app offers the entire world’s currencies and exchange rates and charts. Then, when you need to pay, you will know exactly what your money worth in any country. It is available for Androids and iOS.

7.   Have your personal tourist guide with TripWolf

This app you can find it on any Smartphone. With TripWolf you can have tips from Marco Poloand Fodor´s Travel. Those are very important travel guides.

In addition to that, you will receive maps with all the most important monuments and attractions. Restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, museums and means of public transport, you can find in that app.

8.   Keep Moovit

Moovit is one of the best travel apps for Android and iOS because is extremely useful. It allows you to get total control of your journeys in public transport.

With this tool, you will know exactly where you should go; how long the wait will last and how many stops are left to your destination. Mooviteven gives you the information related to public bikes.

9.   Make some friends and SayHi

Like a science fiction movie, it is possible to talk to a device and being translated in seconds. This app is great to break the ice and make some foreign friends.

With SayHi, you can keep a conversation in two languages and listen to your translated voice instantly. Grandioso, isn’t? You can download it for iOS and Androids.

10.    Keep jet-lag away with Entrain

One of the best free travel apps for IPhoneand for tired travelers is Entrain. It schedules a dream agenda weeks ago of your flight through skies and time zones.

Entrainuses your lighting history, activity, and heart rate to recommend schedules of light and dark. You can even choose to share your info with the University of Michiganfor research purposes.

11.    Don’t hold it, use Flush

Imagine you are in Cancun after drinking tons of water and you really need to find a restroom. You are a tourist, you do not speak Spanish and you are in the middle of nowhere.

The Flush app can find that restroom closer to you. This app is constantly fed by their users and you can use it offline.

12.    Be a survivor with SAS

The SAS Survival Guide has been the Holy Grail for any wild explorer. If you are ready to camp in the Yellowstone Park, climbing the Everest or saving gorillas with Jane Goodall in Tanzania, this tool is very useful.

With this app you can learn Morse code, using a compass and first aid. Furthermore, you can learn how to make a bonfire and deal with dangerous species. This app works on any Smartphone.

Finally, it does not matter what absurd and unusual apps you find. Like Spirit Story Boxwhich translates what ghosts say. As you have noted, technology has made phones the best tool for a traveler and its apps, your best friends.

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