11 Must-See Movie Set Destinations around the World You Need To See In 2017

11 Must-See Movie Set Destinations around the World You Need To See In 2017

How many times have you seen a movie and think: I want to go there? A lot, don’t you? You like travelling around the world, having adventures, making new friends and memories that will endure for all your life. Well this is the time to make your wish come true, make the opportunity, pack your bags, grab your camera and direct your own movie. In the following we give you a list of 11 Must-See Movie Set Destinations to pin up on your travel map:


Must-See Movie Set Destination #1: Je taime. Paris. Paris, France

Do you remember those two lovers fighting at the Pere Lachaise cemetery and Oscar Wilde helping them to reconcile in that movie? Yes, there are many historical characters buried here and the atmosphere is very peaceful and enigmatic. Over 5,000 trees are planted here making this necropolis absolutely magnificent and attractive. It can also be very inspirational with its neoclassic style and invaluable sculptures. You must kiss Oscar, visit the King Lizard and take a look of Victor Noir (interesting). There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors.

Must-See Movie Set Destination #2: Le fabuleux destin dAmelie Poulain. Paris, France.

The Saint Piere Square is the place where Amelie calls Nino to return the photo album he had lost at the train station. This is a huge square where you can sit down to read a book, take a walk, enjoy a spectacular view of Paris and maybe fall in love. From there you can get to the Basilique du Sacré Couer, which is a church in the highest place of Paris. It holds the famous hand-made pipe organ. It is really one of the greatest mosaics in the world and titled Christ Your Majesty. Remember when a finger points to the sky, the fool looks at the finger…

Must-See Movie Set Destination #3: The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Siena, Italy. 

Bella is desperate to find Edward and avoid the Vulturis take him. If you want to dig your fangs in this story you probably will want to get to Montepulciano, which is the place where this famous scene was filmed. This is a gorgeous place that produces try wines, see stone houses and medieval style. You have to visit the pub Lucevan le Stelle that offers an excellent menu of wines and jazz music. Go there and save your love one!

Must-See Movie Set Destination #4: The Beach. Kho Phi Phi Leh, Thailand.

It is hard to forget the scene when Richard, Francoise and Etienne jumped the cliff and then discovered a beautiful hidden beach. I think that is the dream of many people. But this dreamy beach actually exists in Thailand. There you can swim, dive, hike and even go kayaking. The nights are fun and it is definitely a place to enjoy, but the secret is over.

Must-See Movie Set Destination #5: The Godfather III. Little Italy, New York, United States.

I know you have felt the mafia vibe when you watch this film. A great movie, with genius performances and a solid argument, which is a jewel of the cinema and shows many pretty scenarios that you have to know. Little Italy is in Manhattan and here Joey Zaza was killed by Vincent. Nowadays is a very chic spot for shopping, eating and partying. It has an eclectic architectonic style, which combined French influence and industrial form. It offers a huge variety of multi-ethnic establishments to choose from. So leave your guns and take the cannoli!

Must-See Movie Set Destination #6: Lost in translation. Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is the third actor in this great film. This is a colorful, loud, speedy and never sleeping city that framed the peculiar Bob and Charlotte love affair. Shibuya is shown in this film and offers many bars, restaurants and you can also visit Hachiko, the loyal dog statue. You can entertain yourself by watching the huge television screens broadcast commercials in all the streets. So come there and get lost. Fun is guaranteed.

Must-See Movie Set Destination #7: Harry Potter Saga. Oxford, England.

You believe in magic? It's fine because it does exist! A proof of it is this spectacular library where your favorite wizard read his spells. The Bodleian library is one of the most ancient libraries in Europe and it has over 9 million of articles and books.  Its collection ranges from medieval papyri and manuscripts to original works by writers such as Mary Shelley or Jane Austen. Come here and forget your Dementors saying Expecto Patronum.

Must-See Movie Set Destination #8: Eat, pray and love. Bali, Indonesia.

It is a place to open your soul. You can do many things, from surfing to observing the bats in the Goa Lawah. The local gastronomy is super delicious. You can find the best of its food en the warung, which is the street food. If you feel spiritual, there are temples to visit like the Pura Gunung Kawi, the Tirta Empul and the Goa Gajah. It is fascinating because you enter by a large mouth of stone.  Let’s love now!

Must-See Movie Set Destination #9: The Saint. Moscow, Russia.

You are a master of disguise and ready go for the red experience like Simon did? You must go to Moscow and visit the famous Red Square. Its name obeys the Old Russian, red meant pretty. There you can visit the scaffold, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, as well as Lenin's world-famous mausoleum. You can also go to the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Saint Basilio. Live the adventure and take a lot of pictures, have tons of tea and more vodka. Vashe zdorovie!

Must-See Movie Set Destination #10: 127 hours. Arizona. United States.

You don’t have to lose an arm to experience this marvelous adventure. The Grand Canyon National Park offers many activities that you can chose, like going to Desert View, which is the most important viewpoint, an Indian tower that you can climb, a visitor center, a gas station, a small shop and restrooms. There is a geology museum where you can have important information on this natural wonder. In the park you can hike, go camping and even have a helicopter tour that will blow your mind. If you feel bolt, please be safe and keep your body parts together.

Must-See Movie Set Destination #11: Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

Leaving aside this trio drama, Barcelona was shown in a divine and vivid way in this movie. This city in the middle of the Mediterranean coast appears as a postcard in the film. If you like art, you cannot miss the works that the architect Gaudí created in Barcelona. The Basilica of the Sacred Family and Park Güell are one of the hotspots that you can visit in the city. So get there to say Ole!

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