11 Habits Of Truly Happy People

11 Habits Of Truly Happy People

The glorious writer Henry Van Dyke once said: Happiness is inward and not outward and so, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are. That is a beautiful thing to think about. Sometimes the speed of our life makes us forget what really matters and we end up feeling sad, frustrated, bitter and truly unhappy. We look for things or people to be happy when this amazing feeling is slept inside us. There are various people habits which are considered to make you truly happy. Read on to see how!

Happy People Habits #1: Don't complain! Do something about it

Bad things happen to good people. That is a fact. Lost a loved one, having an accident or illness, being broke or just having a bad day. These are just a few reasons among others to throw you back or to get a personal crisis. However, to stay negative about this will never help you to get out again. You must think about the possible solutions, choose one and do something about it. Remember, crisis are the best thing that can happen to you in order to progress because creativity is born from the distress and whoever overcome this crisis, will develop. Einstein once said it!

Happy People Habits #2: Rock your body

Science has found out that exercising regularly can bring you a peaceful state of mind. When you do any physical activity, hormones are activated for better adaptation. One of them is the famous endorphin which creates a sense of well-being and that is a little of happiness, pal. You can check out the smile yoga that is a discipline made for bringing your mind into the present moment and connect you with joy. You are going to look fabulous, too.

Happy People Habits #3: Be here and now

That is a tough, but incredibly effective one. There are two relentless assassins of happiness: worry and anxiety. Worry is the endless thinking about the past and anxiety is the never ending concern about the future. Past cannot be changed; future is something impossible to know. The only certainty is the now. A little tip for achieving being here and now: try to focus on your feelings of your body and identify them, you may be surprised!

Happy People Habits #4: Have a hobby and don't drop it

Figure out what brings joy to your life and dedicate time for it. You catch yourself smiling when you are walking your dog, do it more and commit to that. You love cooking those brownies, don’t stop doing it. People who feel joy when you read that book, make a group to talk about it. The main thing is holding on to your passions, even try to make use of them at your work, because like Confucius said, choose a job that you love and you will never work.


Happy People Habits #5: Be with people who shine

Happy people are surrounded with their beloved ones. Having a security net made of relatives and friends is something crucial to be happy. For better or for worse, people who love you are going to be there to celebrate your achievements and dry your tears. Human beings are social by nature, so keep your people near please.

Happy People Habits #6: Listen to your heart and gut

Have you ever met a person and felt something in your stomach that doesn’t feel right? That is intuition and is a very powerful tool. You can feel the good energy from the people even the dark vibe. You must only refine your senses and trust yourself. In this way you will be able to make better choices and hence, be happier.

Happy People Habits #7: Never stop learning

The minute we loose our hunger for knowledge, we die a little. No matter how old you think you are, learning something new is always the best way to improve yourself. Whether it is learning a language or taking a first aid course. Knowledge not only prevents brain aging it also makes you more useful and happier. So try something new every single day. You won’t regret it.

Happy People Habits #8: Accept and don't judge

This can be harsh but once you learn how to do it, the experience is going to be liberating. We have brains so we have an opinion for every little thing and we tend to believe that we are always right and that is a big fat lie. Every person and situation is different and it is easy being the judge when we are not the defended. Empathy is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes and that might change your entire perspective. Accepting the differences between us and treat the others in the way we want to be treated brings joy to our heart.

Happy People Habits #9: Help with grace

Helping the people in need does our sorrow look better and put our feet on the ground again. When you help someone, not only you are making the world better, putting your selfishness in the trash creates good karma which relieves your pains and makes you grow. Just make sure being humble and don’t brag about it.

Happy People Habits #10: Be full of gratitude

A smart guy once said that don’t go to bed without saying thanks for three events of the day at least. That is a life changing habit. You not only begin to sleep better, it makes you realize that your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is really good. While you breath, there is a reason to show gratitude.


Happy People Habits #11: Travel… A lot!

Mark Twain once said that travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness, and you know what? It is absolute true. Travelling expands your mind in dimensions that you probably didn’t know, especially when you meet different cultures and societies which distance you from your comfort zone. Don’t miss every opportunity to go everywhere, in your golden years those memories are going to be treasures.

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