10 Ways To Kill Time At The Airport

10 Ways To Kill Time At The Airport

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences. After so much planning, finally comes the time to go to the airport, go through customs, check the bags, board the plane and be anxious to get to the destination country. But it turns out there is a setback, you have arrived hours before the flight or for others reasons, the flight was delayed. That means you will have to spend hours waiting at the airport in the middle of the passengers, the noise, the cold or the heat depending on the season. It seems that time still stops or goes slower than normal. You may feel frustrated, disillusioned, tired and the luggage now weighs much more, feel exhausted. Fortunately there are useful ways to beat the stress and spend pleasant time waiting at the airport. Here are 10 ways to kill the time at the airport.

 Ways to kill time at the airport #1: Think in advance

It is important to think in advance as any inconvenience can occur at the time of taking the flight. That will help you to be calm and better prepared to face the situation. So you can take with you anything that can help you to reduce the stress of the moment and spend a waiting time doing something you like and time will spend without noticing.

Ways to kill time at the airport #2: Listen to music

Music has the ability to quickly change our mood as it affects our subconscious where negative thoughts feed on our fears and are fuel for the fire of stress. Listening to music is a relatively inexpensive, fast, pleasant, almost always available solution, and it might even help you spend the time. It is good to choose music according to the moment. Choose relaxing or new music, so you will learn new songs while you are waiting.

Ways to kill time at the airport #3: Read a book

For many, reading expands the imagination and makes daydreaming. Be a protagonist or a witness. It allows you to connect with the side that will never be affected by the reality of the present day. Take a magazine or a book with you or if you don’t have one, get it at the airport. You can also read someone´s blog on the internet. There is a chance that you laugh, cry or have fun. Remember Ms. Dickinson said that there is not frigate like a book to take us lands away nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry. So when you read, you are already travelling.

Ways to kill time at the airport #4: Be social

You do not need to submerge all the time in reading or checking the time at each moment in the clock, you can also share some words with the people around you that like you, are waiting for the flight. Thousands of people use the airports daily, so you will find someone to have a conversation with. You can meet great people at airports. No need to have a topic, with a greeting to break the ice, the rest of the conversation will come on its own. You might know interest people like that.


Ways to kill time at the airport #5: Surf the net

In most of the airports you can get free WI-FI zones; maybe it´s not the airport itself, but some of the establishments do. So you can take advantage to check your email, chat with your friends or family, watch videos or TV sitcoms and surf until the time of taking the plane. You will find so much to see on the internet.

Ways to kill time at the airport #6: Take a walk 

You cannot forget how fascinating and amazing places the airports can be. You can find many luxury shops that are only on the main avenues of big cities, exhibitions and galleries worthy of a museum, plus, of course, lots of interesting people. Airport is a mini city within a building. If you are passionate about traveling, you can start your journey before getting on the plane. Most likely, you will enjoy it. Also you can take some photos and upload them to the web.


Ways to kill time at the airport #7: Go shopping

Whether it is to buy the press of the day, buy a gift, eat something among others, airport shops offer multitude of options to passengers who are waiting for the departure of their flight, either at the scheduled time, linking to another or having suffered a delay. Take a walk around the airport shops; discover new trends, review discount clothing, try clothes and think about new looks. If you had forgotten buy a souvenir for your beloved one, this is the time for it. You can also savor different types of food (national or international) and drinks.


Ways to kill time at the airport #8: Re-plan the travel

If your flight is delayed, you will arrive later than expected. So, why not re-plan everything? Take a pen and a notebook o your smartphone and start to plan everything based on the new arrival. Then on arrival, you will know exactly what to do. Then your precious time will not be lost.

Ways to kill time at the airport #9: Solve a crossword puzzle


It is a good way to have fun and spend the hours entertained, but it is also a good way to keep the mind active, because the development of this activity increases the faculties of reasoning, general memory and speed in mental processes. Buy a crossword puzzle at a store at the airport or you can also get some in the newspapers or magazines. So you will have something to entertain yourself and exercise your brain.

Ways to kill time at the airport #10: Relax and Rest

If you are in the situation of missing a flight, a link at night, or the flight was canceled due to bad weather, and could not find hotel the night before the next flight, it turns out that there are airports in the world that are more comfortable, in them you can sleep more quietly than in others, so there are useful tips that allow you to rest for few hours.

Find a quiet place, less traveled, use your belongings for comfort, carry an alarm clock, or else you can use your mobile phone as an alarm clock. In some airports, security guards also wake up people who sleep, but it is not recommended that you be tempted by none because if you are late, you can miss the flight. Look for seats without arms, if there are not; look for some kind of comfortable seat. Let yourself be carried away by sleep. Do not forget to wake up at least one hour before the flight.

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Killing time at the airport is easy, be positive, be creative, do not stress and… relax don’t do it when you want to go to it!

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