10 ways to cut your travel expenses on your next trip

10 ways to cut your travel expenses on your next trip

Holidays are something exciting, something we are all looking forward to because it is the greatest thing. We can relax and leave our daily routines and problems behind us. However, the downside is that traveling can (!) be expensive, especially if you do not plan your trip well in advance. Thereby, no matter where you are going, small tricks can help you to save costs without sacrificing any point on your holiday to-do list. Read this guide and start off cutting your travel expenses on your next trip.

Traveling Abroad and want to reduce Travel Expenses? Here are your Options!

Here is our 10 point guide how you can cut unnecessary costs:

1. Be flexible

If you are traveling with your family or friends, little twists in your booking can sum up to a substantial amount of your whole holiday budget. Try to find indirect-, early morning- or midweek flights instead of flights on the weekend for instance. This can save your travel expenses by hundreds of dollars multiplied by the number of passengers.

Check out flight comparison websites on a regular basis to get best results!


2. Travel off-season

Visiting the main European metropolises like London, Paris, Rome, Venice or Berlin can become extremely pricey during summer. Schools in all European countries have their summer holidays between June and August which is also the reason that prices peak in these months. Australia’s high season, for instance, is between November and April.

Get more information about peak seasons for your travel destination before you plan and book your trip.


3. Travel overnight

If you have an easy sleep and do not mind spending your night sleeping in an airplane seat or on a bumpy train you can strategically use this method. Add this into your travel itinerary as this will save your travel expenses by two nights of accommodation cost on a return trip.

Many trains and buses also offer overnight routes with bigger seats and more space and comfort.


4. Take your own food

Especially while waiting at busy airports, hectic bus- or train station, the convenience of reaching out to the next coffee shop can be tempting.

However, food and beverages are always far more expensive than in your local supermarket around the corner.

Try to plan in advance and take your meals with you on the trip.


5. Do not exchange cash

Without question, changing cash at the local exchange office will always put you at a disadvantage in comparison to withdrawing your cash from an ATM. Just make sure you do not accept the recommended exchange rate at the cash machine (as in many Asian countries!) and go with the daily rate. This will always save you a few Dollars. Cash is still recommended in order to at least get to your accommodation / next ATM.

6. Get a travel credit card

By signing up for an airline credit card you will receive massive start bonuses (up to 50.000 miles with American airline carriers). Oftentimes you get a preferred seat or discounts as you pay with this card. Do not forget - this is pure money and can get you great rewards, free flights and upgrades once you make a purchase or reach a certain level of airline miles.

7. Book a non-chain Hotel

Staying at an international hotel chain makes your stay already 50% more expensive just because of its name. Our recommendation, stay at a local hotel which has the same standard but saves you a lot of Dollars which you can rather spend on something else. Important here, do not look on the stars of the hotel, rather the reviews of the other travelers. This will give you a good indication about location, cleanliness and value for money ratio.

8. Skip your hotel breakfast

If the breakfast is not included in your accommodation, skip it and get it at a local bakery. This will save time and reduce your travel expenses, as continental breakfasts can cost up to $50 per person at international hotel chains in Europe.

9. Use of coupons and discount websites

Try to find cashback, coupon and discount websites on the internet - they have become more and more popular over the past five years which means that they also got better deals and promotions. Booking tickets for attractions at your destination over these service vendors saves time and money as you often can also skip queues and long waiting lines.

10. Save on Data Roaming  

Staying far away from home but still connected to friends and family is neither difficult nor expensive anymore. However, hotel-, coffee shop- and public WiFi can be a usual source of unstable and insecure internet connection. In additional, the roaming costs charged by your own cell provider can be immense and can reach up to $5 per MB. This is why we recommend to rent a Pocket WIFI in advance to your trip. A Pocket WIFI is a device that is smaller than an ordinary smartphone and acts as your mobile high speed internet router, sharable with up to 10 devices (notebook, tablet and smartphone). It constantly provides you the fastest and broadest possible internet coverage due to contracts with big network providers. It also allows you to use unlimited data, whereby you are offered 1GB of data volume of 4G LTE internet per day. Do not miss to book it! Cut your travel expenses with My Webspot.



*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.