10 Ways How To Fly More Frequently - MY WEBSPOT

10 Ways How To Fly More Frequently - MY WEBSPOT

Travelling is an important experience that opens your mind, teaching meaningful lessons and makes you humble. Therefore, you must add traveling at the top of your priority list. However, in reality it could be hard having enough money making trips frequently. There is a way though! You can do it by collecting airline miles in order to fly more frequently.

Miles are loyalty programs created by airlines. Every time you buy a plane ticket or use your credit card you will accumulate points/ miles. Once you have accumulated enough miles, you are be able to exchange them for certain benefits, such as plane tickets, flight upgrades, car rentals, hotel stays and more.

10 Ways to fly frequently #1: Look for an airline program

There are thousands of airlines companies that provide miles programs. Do some research, choose one and go to the airline company in order to complete the requirements to join. In that way, you will have a frequent flyer account and every time you travel, you are going to accumulate miles. This is ideal for globetrotters.

10 Ways to fly frequently #2: What about banks? 

Some banking institutions provide frequent flyer programs. Once you have activated your credit card you can start accumulating miles every time you are making a payment. This is for people who don’t travel a lot, but shopping frequently. It is rewarding you for being trades person. If you are one of them, don’t waste time.

10 Ways to fly frequently #3: Memorize your magic number

If you have already signed up at a frequent flyer program, every time you do a flight reservation or a plane ticket purchase, you need to type in your loyalty number in order to exchange them later. If you forget to do that, you can always contact the Customer Center of your airline company and ask for the accreditation of miles later on. In most cases you have one month in order to go for your missed miles.


10 Ways to fly frequently #4: Know the 3 Great Alliances

There are three major airline partnership programs: Star Alliance, Sky Team and One World. Every alliance consists of well-known airline carriers. For example, if you travel with Lufthansa, your airline miles will be accredited and valid for all members of the alliance, i.e. Thai airways, Air China etc.. Therefore, you have a huge choice of companies to go with and still get the valuable points you are looking for. Great, isn’t? In order to improve the performance of your loyalty program, pick an airline of each alliance and sign up.

10 Ways to fly frequently #5: Use your miles wisely

There is no point to use your miles on short haul flights. A flight is considered short when it is to same region, for example a flight form France to Belgium. So try to spend those miles on long flights like from Canada to Spain.

10 Ways to fly frequently #6: Mix it up

Try to combine your miles exchange. Watch this. You are in Italy and would like to go Australia. For instance, in business class that would be 135.000 miles. Instead of exchanging all those miles at once, buy a stopover ticket via Qatar and spend only 105.000 miles.

10 Ways to fly frequently #7: Don't wait too long

Frequent flyer miles expire, so you need to be aware of when it can happen. Some airline companies offer a renewal as long as the client continues to travel. But you need to check it because every company has its own policies. This is too precious to lose.

10 Ways to fly frequently #8: Earn miles on road trips

Even renting a car can permit you to accumulate air miles. You only need to do some research about which Car Rental Company participates in the loyalty program. Every time you rent a car you accumulate miles that you can exchange to flights again. Companies like Europcar and Budget are some of them.


Ways to fly frequently #9: Something to consider

Many airlines require a minimum amount of accumulated miles before being able to exchange them. Then you must do a deep search to choose the program and to use your miles. In all cases scenarios, you must travel frequently in order to accumulate miles. That is the point of this.

Ways to fly frequently #10: Get your gadgets

Once you have enrolled to one of those programs you may feel that there are too many things to manage. However, even for that there is a solution. The Award Wallet app is a web service that helps you manage all your frequent flyer programs, banks, credit cards, restaurant services, hotels service and many more.

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