10 Tips For Traveling with Kids

10 Tips For Traveling with Kids

The Venezuelan poet Andres Eloy Blanco once said that who has a child has all the children in the world. If you are a parent you know that feeling and kids become your priority. Thus it is very important to be updated about everything that benefits their lives and makes your duty as a parent easier. One of the most stressful things for a parent is actually traveling with kids because this little pal has special needs to take care of.  Consequently, many parents avoid taking their vacations or having an amazing trip because they fear to face all discomforts that could happen when traveling with kids. We are going to give you some crucial tips on how traveling with kids can be the best time of your life.

Tips for traveling with kids #1: Plan like a Boss

Children are life changing and you need to be extra careful about everything that you do. Before, you could decide about a last minute trip to the beach, now that you are a parent, maybe it is not possible anymore to be spontaneous. But don’t worry - planning is an art that you will learn to dominate with time. So take a deep breath and sit down to figure out your travel itinerary. This part can be very fun too!

Tips for traveling with kids #2: All about the Papers

Gather all your baby’s papers, like birth certificate, passport and vaccination card. When the child is traveling with one of its parents, you maybe need a legal authorization from the other parent depending on the country law. So do some research before.

Tips for traveling with kids #3: Get the blessing from the Doctor

This is very important. No matter the baby’s age or your destination, visit your pediatrician for a general physical examination; tell him where you are planning to go and listen carefully to his recommendations.

Tips for traveling with kids #4: Up in the Air

If you are going to take a flight with a baby you have to check first with the airlines' regulations about having a baby in the airplane. However, children are legally allowed to fly no matter the age. Still, take into consideration that doctors recommend to wait until the kids' first month of age. From the age of two, kids are legally allowed to have their own seat. If you are having a long haul flight, try to do it at night so the baby can sleep. Arrive early to the airport, change its diapers before boarding and keep some in your hand luggage, along with towels, a change of clothes, and baby food.


Tips for traveling with kids #5: Where to stay?

To the extent possible try to rent a house or an apartment, not only you will feel more at ease but in many cases it is cheaper. It also is more private and you have the possibility to cook the meals for the baby if it needs a special diet.

Tips for traveling with kids #6: Watch its ride

It is extremely important to choose the kind of strollers wisely you are going to take. It depends on the places where you will go. If the streets are paved or not, if weather is humid, hot or cold and what kind of activities you were planning to do. There are several types of strollers that make your head explode - so better get one all-terrain stroller with travel system which you can use also on the car seat.

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Tips for traveling with kids #7: Got Milk?

When your baby needs a special kind of formula, don’t take risks and bring the baby’s formula in your luggage, because you might not find it in the place that you are going to visit. Consult first with your airlines how to carry it. The same applies for medicines.

Tips for traveling with kids #8: Where to go?

If you are traveling for pleasure or vacation with your little one, remember you have to choose the destination in function of baby’s age. For a little baby, the best destinations are nearby home so the trip is shorter. In addition, plan activities according to the baby’s age, meaning that if you live in Toronto with your six months aged baby, don’t go to Dubai to for skydiving. Wait until your kid has reached a certain age.

Tips for traveling with kids #9: Let's play

There is a huge variety of baby toys available on the market, designed for every age group. Try to carry your kid's favorite one all the time. Toys will not only help to distract your baby, they will also be necessary for the cognitive and psychometric development of the baby.

Tips for traveling with kids #10: Get Gadgets

When you are traveling with your kid, you will not want to leave things to chance. For instance, if you don’t find that zoo, you probably need to get instructions quickly. Indeed, nowadays it is inevitable to stay online. My Webspot offers the perfect gadget for staying online during your trip. This is a small device that functions as a mobile router with 1GB of data at 4G+ speed. After using 1GB per day, speed will be reduced to 256 kbps. You can connect your smartphone, tablet or notebook with a secure internet connection. In addition, My Webspot delivers the device wherever you decide.

Finally, there are no excuses to be anxious about that trip with your little one! Enjoy the nice sides of travelling.

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