10 Insider Hotels Tips For Your Next Journey

10 Insider Hotels Tips For Your Next Journey

When we travel, we are looking for another kind of experience, right? Something comfy, friendly and ghost free. You probably have picked a hotel on line that looked great and the minute you arrive it is a disaster or have you actually chosen a wonderful one, but you spent tons of money, so we will try to guide you in inside the hotel world to improve your next journey, pal.

Insider hotel tips #1: Navigate deep

Don’t be afraid to navigating deeper in order to find a good deal. There are several bookings web sites like Deal Angel, Booking or Tingo which makes a refund when a room rates drops. Sometimes is only matter of good research and choose the perfect time for travel. Depends of the season, you can obtain a room for half of its price. However, call always the hotel first before booking on line, you may find better offers!

Insider hotel tips #2: Join a club

You can also try joining hotels loyalty programs like Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Reward, Hilton Honors and Best Western Rewards that could give you spa credits, late check-in, room upgrades, additional nights, deals with airports to redeem flights, complimentary breakfast and drinks, gifts programs,  museums admissions, free Wi-Fi and more. You have nothing to lose and tons to win!

Insider hotel tips #3: With a kitchen in it?

One new way to save money is booking a hotel with in- room kitchen so you can do your groceries and cook in it. This is ideal for people who keep a special diet. Hotels like Hyatt, Element and Sonesta Es, have this especial feature.


Insider hotel tips #4: What is the best day?

Not always the weekends are the more expensive days to booking, because in some cities there are more business than tourism and their hotels are full in working days and empty on weekends. This way you may find a good deal.

Insider hotel tips #5: Not in the city

Sometimes the price of staying in the city is high and you can find excellent hotels with a lower rate but to the outskirts or nearby villages. All depends on your transportation arrangements and the places that you have planned to go. Think about it.

Insider hotel tips #6: Smaller but cozy

Large hotel chains usually offer a good service, but they are not the only ones that could provide you an awesome experience. Then you may consider choosing a hotel managed by its own owners, which can be cozier and even you could negotiate the room rates.

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Insider hotel tips #7: What are you really paying for?

Here you need to be careful. You must know what is included in the room rate and what kind of service are offered. For instance does the price include breakfast or Wi-Fi? Does the room have a private bathroom or TV? What kind of service do you need? If it is imperative for you a gym, a car rental, or even a restaurant, you must ask first, because some hotel has very attractive rates and doesn’t provide any service like those.

Insider hotel tips #8: Take the reviews and return the favor

Don’t booking anything without reading the comments from previous customers, or asking for references from a legitimate and reliable source because you could choose a misleading offer without hardly noticing it. Thus taking a look at the comments can save your entire trip experience. You can also use the whisper app to discover some reviews to your hotel optionDon’t forget be a good pal and make your honest own review when you are back home.

Insider hotel tips #9: Don't alarm by this

Hotels have its own skeletons in the closet. Some maids have spoken and it is not pretty. Some hotels don’t clean its sheets frequently. Avoid touching with your bare hand the remote, don’t leave your valuables in the room, use the hotel safe, carry with you disinfectant towels and sprays to clean those suspects spots and always be gentle with the staff. They have the power to make things cleaner.

Insider hotel tips #10: Keep in touch

One of the most important issues of planning a trip is the communication arrangements. The call phone rates from a hotel are usually really expensive. Nevertheless you have options like having a SIM card and the guys of Sim Options offers the best rates in the market. You can also use smartphone applications like Skype, Rebtel and Line to make calls, but you need to have internet for it and something really paradoxical is that expensive hotels seldom have free Wi-Fi and cheap ones frequently have it.

No matter what, free Wi-Fi can be dangerous. Some cybercriminals knows the places where free Wi-Fi is offered, they approach the same place; they create a similar network and thus hunt people with the objective of obtaining personal information from them. By the other hand in, being free is compensated by the appearance of advertising in our browsing sessions and the connection turns slower.

One of the best solutions to this tedious issue is getting the Pocket Wi-Fi from My Webspot, which is a small device that function as a mobile router with 1GB of data at 4G+ speed, after unlimited data at throttled speed, battery life up to 8hours in use and 6 devices can use the Wi-Fi at the same time. It can be connected to your smart phone or tablet with a secure internet connection. Besides My Webspot delivers the device where ever you decide. So you won’t worry about asking for a password, limits of time, computers hackers, or booking a hotel with free Wi-Fi.

Therefore, we encourage you to follow these little advices to improve your next journey and if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, please don’t throw yourself from your balcony to the hotel pool, the windows do not open, wild thing!



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