10 Hotel Tips to Prepare for Your Next Trip

10 Hotel Tips to Prepare for Your Next Trip

We are programmed to receive. You can check out but you will never be able to leave.

That's part of the spooky and infamous history and song of the Hotel California. But when we travel, we're looking for another kind of experience, right? Something comfortable, friendly and free of ghosts.

You've probably chosen a hotel that looked great and the minute you arrive you realize it's a disaster; or you've chosen a wonderful hotel, but you spent tons of money, that's why we're going to try to guide you into the world of hotels so you can improve the experience on your next trip, my friend.


Don't be afraid to go deep into the net to find a good deal. There are many online hosting sites such as Deal Angel, Booking or Tingo which make a refund if rates go down. Sometimes it's just a good research and choosing the ideal time to travel. Depending on the season you can get a room for half its price. However, always phone the hotel first before booking online, you might find good deals!


You can also subscribe to hotel loyalty programs such as Marriot Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Reward, Hilton Honors and Best Western Rewards, which could give you credits on their spas, extended check-in times, room upgrades, additional nights, dealings with airports to change flights, complimentary breakfasts and drinks, gift programs, museum tickets, free Wi-Fi and more. You have nothing to lose and tons to earn!


One way to save money is to book a hotel that offers rooms with kitchen so you can shop and cook. These are ideal for people on a special diet and hotels like Hyatt, Element and Sonesta Es have this special option.


Weekends are not always the most expensive days to book, because in some cities there is more financial activity than tourism and their hotels are full on weekdays and empty on weekends. This way you can find a good deal.


Sometimes the price of staying in the city is high and you can find excellent hotels at a lower rate on the outskirts or in nearby towns. It all depends on your transportation arrangements and the places you are planning to visit. Think about it.


The big hotel chains usually offer a good service but they are not the only ones that could give you an amazing experience. Then you might consider choosing a hotel run by its own owners, such as an inn, which might be more welcoming and could negotiate its rates.


Here you need to be very careful. You should know what is included in the room rates and what kind of services they offer. For example, does the price include breakfast or Wi-Fi? Does the room have its own bathroom or TV? If for you it is imperative to have a gym, or car rental service or even restaurant service, you need to ask first, because some hotels offer attractive rates and do not provide any of those services.


Never reserve anything before reading the comments of previous clients or asking for references from a legitimate and reliable source because you could choose a deceptive offer without noticing it. So having a look at the comments could save your entire travel experience. You can also use an application called a whisper app, which serves to uncover some of the hotel comments you're finding out. Don't forget to be a good neighbor and make your own honest criticism when you return.


Hotels have their own skeletons in the closet. Some maids have spoken and it's not nice. Some hotels don't wash sheets frequently. Avoid touching the remote with your bare hands and don't leave your valuables in the room, use the hotel safe, load disinfectant towels and spays to clean suspicious spots and always be gentle with the staff. They have the power to clean things up more.


One of the most important problems in planning a trip is communication arrangements. Rates for hotel phone calls are often very expensive. However you have options like having a SIM card and the guys at Sim Options offer the best rates on the market. You can also use smartphone applications like Skype, Rebtel and Line to make calls, but if you need internet access, something really paradoxical is that expensive hotels rarely have free Wi-Fi and cheap hotels often have it.

No matter what, free Wi-Fi can be dangerous. Some cyber criminals know the places where free Wi-Fi is offered, they approach the place, create a similar network and then hunt people in order to get their personal information. On the other hand, because it is free there is a compensation for advertising appearing in our sessions, which makes the connection slower.

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